High surf pounds Bay Area beaches


No one wants to be the silly person who got drenched by a wave, but people keep coming to the Pacifica pier to watch the big waves leaping out of the ocean and onto the sidewalks.

"It's lovely to be energized by this beautiful ocean, and I wanted to go out to the pier, but they closed it down because the waves are so big," said Bo Bixler, El Granada.

"They are huge, they keep on splashing over the fences of the pier," said Renae Riley, Pacifica.

The High Surf Advisory will be in effect until 10pm Friday night. The locals are watching to see how Friday nights show will compare to Thursday's.

"They are getting pretty huge, but last night's were bigger," said Kelly Russell, Pacifica.

The waves are dangerous, but there is also a threat you can't see: the National Weather Service said that they rip currents are especially strong. The waves are out of the northwest and traveling parallel to the coast - which creates an even stronger rip current then if they came in from due west.

That makes Missy Hunt nervous - she is dog sitting for her friend:

"Well if the waves come and take the dogs away - I'm running away with them. That's all I'm saying, I have my duty here," said Missy Hunt, Pacifica.

Experts say it's important to watch from a distance; a rogue wave can be very dangerous. But on a beautiful day - there is a lot to appreciate.

"I grew up in the northwest - we have waves likes this, but we get rain, sleet and ice," said Bea Kronert.

The high surf advisory is in effect from Monterey County - all the way up to the Sonoma Coast. Pacifica police say that no problems have been reported, but they are going to keep the pier closed until the waves die down.

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