Program helps teens improve self-esteem

February 4, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
She's All That! is the name of a conference coming up this weekend designed for young girls dealing with issues that come up in middle school.

Whether it's relationships with boys, dressing for success, or relating to parents -- She's All That! has all that.

It's called She's All That! -- a conference specifically designed for girls in middle school like twin sisters Brooke and Bianca Grauss.

"It's really good education, and it really just prepares you for the road ahead of you," said participant Brooke Grauss.

She's All That! is sponsored by Soroptimists International of the San Ramon Valley, a service group dedicated to improving the lives of girls and women.

This year's event is set for this Saturday at Gale Ranch Middle School in San Ramon.

"They give you really good advice and how to deal with things and things that will be coming up, that we might be dealing with soon," said participant Bianca Grauss.

She's All That! deals with the tough issues facing young teens like relationships with parents, boys and other girls. One workshop is called "Mean Girls."

Seventh-grader Miranda Rebholz attended "Mean Girls" last year.

"I just learned to kind of say something positive towards it, to sort of just put it off to the side and not worry about it," said Rebholz.

Another workshop is titled "Straight Talk With Boys," led by a young man.

"He actually uses a tea cup reference. Are you a Styrofoam cup or a tea cup. Should you be cherished and how you should be treated on a date and what to expect," said Kelly Vail from Soroptimists International.

She's All That! started small, five years ago and it was aimed mostly at girls in the San Ramon Valley. Now it's grown, and attacts participants from as far away as Sausalito and Tracy.

The girls who've participated say it's helped build their confidence and given them tools to overcome those little bumps along the way.

"Later in life, we're all going to be doing greater and better things. Those mean girls that you dealt with in Middle School probably aren't going to mean anything to you," said Brooke.

At the very least, She All That! helps girls realize what happens in middle school will likely stay there.

Pre-registration is required for She's All That!

Saturday, February 7, 2009
Gale Ranch Middle School
San Ramon, CA
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

$30 registration fee

For more information and registration visit:
Or call: (925) 355-2442