Get fit with a "Romantic Resolutions" workout

Billy's tips:

A weight problem is never the problem, it is a symptom.
It's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you.

Mind fat is worse than body fat.
Exercise your mind by watching for, admitting and challenging outdated beliefs, methods and negative habits. Lose them first and the body fat will follow.

Tummy toner while tuning into the View from the Bay
Sit on a cushion or mat with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle heels on the floor. Place your wrists over your knees. Begin inhaling and slowly roll your spine back down towards the floor until your finger tips come to your knees creating a pelvic tilt. Begin lifting up, moving forwards exhaling and move your wrists towards your knees while maintaining the pelvic tilt. Bye Bye Belly & Back pain!

Use the sink squat to shrink a lot
With feet shoulder width apart, sink down as if to sit in a chair then stand part way up. Hold on to the basin with both hands. Start with 10 reps. Increase little by little until it burns.

Don't consume empty calories and don't burn empty calories without developing a useful skill.

Romantic Resolutions with Billy Sunday Mars

Saturday, Feb 14:
Lululemon Athletica 7:30 pm FREE
1620 Redwood Highway
Corte Madera, CA (415) 927-2891

Saturday, Feb 28:
Fit for Love, a 5-hour workshop 12 - 5 pm $75
Masonic Temple
Mill Valley, CA (415) 686-9777 Bonnie Neer

Katango Classes available
Nautilus of Marin, Sausalito, Wednesday @ 6:30 pm
Bay West Ballroom, San Rafael, Tuesday @ 5:15 pm
NEW! Masonic Temple, 18 Corte Madera Ave, Mill Valley@ 6:30 (starting Feb. 16)

About Billy Sunday Mars:
Born in Malden, MA in 1965 to a Greek father and an Afro-American mother, Billy Sunday Mars began his life a devout Catholic. Performance was in his blood, his father, a saxophone player and his mother, a singer. Billy was only 4 ½ when he lost his father who, while passing by a burning building, rescued 2 children but later died of smoke inhalation. Billy, his two sisters, and brother were left without a father the day before his youngest sister's first birthday.

An energetic boy, Billy excelled in sports and art but his relentlessly inquisitive mind got him into trouble. His mother would send him to read encyclopedias but what was meant as punishment became a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. His uncle, a professional boxer, who once defeated Jake LaMota, decided Billy, at the age of 11 needed the intensive discipline of boxing and introduced him to the gym. He loved football, basketball and hockey but his real favorite was baseball. By 15, guided by a great coach from his wheel chair and the support of his mother in the stands, he was scouted by the Red Sox Farm Team as pitcher and center fielder. When he was 16 ½ his dreams of going professional ended when his mother died of cancer leaving Billy, his brother, and two sisters to find their way alone.

When he saw his cousin appear on "Soul Train" Billy turned his focus from sports to dance to express a whirlwind of emotions. Using his unique ability at mastery, Billy taught himself to dance and performed on the TV show "Dance Jam '88" and worked as a runway model. He considered a career in stand up comedy, impersonations and improv, skills he developed to compensate for the heartaches. By 1990 he tested the LA music scene but returned to modeling and dance in Miami and New York where he was approached by Playgirl Magazine which he declined. In 1994 Billy made his first tour as an erotic dancer in 3 major cities in Japan. His China tour, as a dancer and DJ, marked the beginning of the study of massage and erotic disciplines. The exotic influence of the Asian culture spawned his signature sensual dance style.

Over the years that followed in China, Billy trained marital arts actors in body sculpting and acted in their movies. He extended his stay to study with a Shaolin monk in Sichuan. The philosophy and true martial arts discipline opened him to a deeper understanding of tenacity, spirituality and how to joyfully work through hardships. By 1998 Billy returned to Boston and later moved to Miami with another world of information to share. He trained Chippendales and female erotic dancers and was surprised they lacked deep erotic understanding and were unaware of relevant movement and sexual discipline. He realized a beautiful body and sensual romantic lifestyle could not be limited to the stage nor a life devoted to love and light to the temple. It was time to blend the teachings of both allowing people to live a "true holistic balance".

He became AFAA certified in 2001. His clients were CEO's, college athletes, senior citizens and some very special clients with great physical limitations and even greater spirit. This began a decade of research, a 4-year apprenticeship with Dr. Khantibai Patel from India, consultations with brain specialists and other medical professionals. In December 2004 he lost his brother to a long bout with kidney failure. He melded his life experiences with psychology, philosophy, a deep compassion and empathy for the human experience. He synthesized this with an intimate understanding of movement, strength training, and performance to create a deeply spiritual dance/fitness movement. From the passionate Miami to the peaceful Maui where he traded training secrets with Tantra teachers, and now Marin, he has become a balanced articulate voice in life, love and living through movement and meditation.

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