Union accuses Ayers of 1970 bombing

March 12, 2009 7:44:02 AM PDT
The San Francisco police union says it knows the identity of at least one of the people involved in a deadly bombing 40 years ago that killed a police sergeant. It's a name you heard often during the last presidential campaign.

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Bill Ayers is linked to President Obama as an acquaintance, he also the co-founder of the 1970's radical organization the Weather Underground. The San Francisco police officers association is now accusing him ordering the planting of a bomb at Park Station in Golden Gate Park on Feb. 16, 1970. It was a bombing that killed Sgt. Brian McDonnell and injured eight other officers.

The union leveled the charge in a letter to the conservative group, America's Survival Inc. of Maryland, which is lobbying for arrests in the case. The accusation is based on former FBI agent Larry Grathwohl's claim that he overheard Ayers say that he ordered the bomb planted at Park Station.

"The most bone chilling thing Bill Ayers said to me was that after the revolution succeeded and the government was overthrown, they believed they would have to eliminate 25 million people who would not conform to the new order," said Grathwohl (in a January, 2009 interview with ABC7.)

Ayers has denied any involvement in the bombing and said he had never met Grathwohl.

Ayers was charged with conspiracy to destroy government buildings - including the Park Station and the Pentagon. The charges were dropped because of illegal FBI surveillance. The charges have been around since the 1970s, but may have been brought to light now because the leader of Survival Inc. is also the leader of a conservative group that believes that President Obama has ties to communism and socialism.

The police officers union will only say that they want to go after Mr. Ayers now because he is touring as an educator and he is in the public spotlight.

America's Survival Inc. is planning to hold a press conference on Thursday at the National Press Club in Washington to discuss the case.

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