DIY spa treatments

Facials: Use EGG WHITE weekly for exfoliating your face, neck & décolleté (upper chest area). How to: Use a soft fan brush to wipe the egg-white into a foamy consistency, brush the egg-white using upward strokes, starting with the forehead then down to chest. This treatment will not only exfoliate (dissolve dead skin), but tighten and brighten your beautiful face!

Body Treatment: Use CORNMEAL weekly for a gentle scrub all over your body - throw away the scrunches, hand towel and/or loofahs, they collect bacteria and don't compare to what Cornmeal does for the skin. Cornmeal is used in Spa Claremont's body treatments and is gentle for even the most sensitive skins. Cornmeal exfoliation is perfect before a spray tan, your tan will last longer and look better on healthy skin.

Pedicure/Foot Treatment: SEA SALT/EPSON SALT soak for tired, fatigued, itchy & burning feet. TEA SOAK for your feet (save all your tea bags! herbal, green, peppermint, etc.) Leave used tea bags soaking in warm-hot water and soak your feet and enjoy the AROMA-therapy at the same time. TEA has a anti-microbial effect on the feet, this treatment will help with athlete's feet, cracked heals, etc.

About The Claremont Resort & Spa:
The Claremont Resort & Spa in Berkeley is home to Spa Claremont and is a great destination for Bay Area residents looking to relax and de-stress without having to travel too far. Booking a treatment at Spa Claremont gives you access to entire day's worth of activities and conveniences, great for the busy mom or anyone in need of a little R&R.

These perks include:

- Free all-day parking.

- 3 hours of complimentary child care at The Claremont's Kids Club. The Kids Club Children's Activity Center is open to children from six months to ten years old. Indoor and outdoor activities include a sandbox and play structure, story telling, toys, art projects and more.

- Access to spa lounge, including steam room, showers, hot tub, individual bathtubs and more.

- All salon guests have access to the spa for 2 hours before their service.

- Complimentary use of health club with spa purchase of $275 or more.

LINK: The Claremont Resort & Spa

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