Saving money and the environment

March 23, 2009 7:37:27 AM PDT
As the recession has us all cutting back-- it's good to be reminded that saving money can go hand-in-hand with saving the environment.SIGN-UP: Get breaking news sent to you

Green is not only the new black -- an eco-conscious attitude could actually help get your finances out of the red.

"Our planet faces serious environmental problems; problems that might not be as much in the news these days with all the economic problems, but very, very serious problems in the long haul," said Dr. Warren Leon, "The Consumer's Guide to effective Environmental Choices."

Roughly half of our home-energy expenses come from heating and cooling. After the Wattay family started conserving, primarily by taking shorter showers and turning their thermostat down - they cut their electric and gas by $157 a month - a 30 percent savings.

"You can do things like wash your clothes in cold water, adjust the thermostat in your home; car pool, or pull the plug on those appliances - TVs, printers, that are in guest rooms and are rarely used," said Dr. Leon.

Instead of buying bottled water, use a water filter. Fill up old bottles with filtered tap water; plant a tree, trees that shade your home will help keep it cooler during the summer; local farmer's market are often a cheaper alternative to grocery stores.

Being eco-conscious can also add up for the budget-conscious on the road.

"It doesn't cost any money to keep the tires properly inflated, and when tires are properly inflated you get better gas mileage, saving money and using less gasoline," said Leon.

Consider it the convenient truth - going green not only saves the planet it can also save you money.

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