Fashion cents: Thrift store shopping

Resale Vintage Thrift And Consignment Shopping Tips:

1) When you go resale shopping wear easy on and off clothing and the correct underwear.

2) Check seams for surged edges.

3) Make sure the garments don't have stains, odors, mold smells and that the lining is intact.

4) Try on everything. Don't go by the size in the item because it could have been altered.

5) Look for high end designers first and items you usually can't afford.

6) Haggle the price -- often the resale store will take a lower price.

7) Take pictures or create a list, plus stay focused. This kind of shopping can be overwhelming.

8) If you have to dry clean something or get alterations, remember this adds to the overall cost of the item.

9) Make friends with the sales person, so that they will let you know when a new delivery has something in it you may like.

10) If you are new at resale shopping start with a classic LBD, a coat, trench coat or a handbag.

11) Anticipate sales and delivery dates for new merchandise which usually arrives on a Tuesday.

12) Trust in the classics. Buy a great jacket, nice fitting jeans, brown and black shoes, belt or jewelry, white blouse, black trousers.

13) When you're buying an item, make sure it goes with at least three things you already own.

14) Ask yourself if you can wear the item in winter and summer.

15) Can the item you like go from day to night?

16) Evening handbags are always a good buy.

17) When buying something you may think is expensive, think cost per wear.

18) Thrift stores don't always know all the designers names so don't just shop in the designers' section.

19) There are copies of designer handbags out there ladies so BEWARE.

20) Check the vintage section because some 40's 50's 70's and 80' styles are very IN STYLE right now.

21) Look for vintage sunglasses. They are very hot this season.

22) Check knits for moth holes.

23) Mold is almost impossible to get rid of so smell the items and check handbags and shoes carefully.

24) Be creative: Try wearing a sweater back to front or a necklace worn in the back on a backless dress. Try wearing two belts together.

25) A lot of thrift stores have a children's and household section -- check it out.

26) Look for an anchor piece and build from there.

27) To make your dollars go even further, buy a dress that's a one-piece instead of two to three pieces in order to make a complete outfit.

28) Look for new or designer shoes and when in doubt, cowboy boots are always great with jeans.

Items featured in this segment:

  • Turquoise Tunic, $4.49
  • Leather Jacket, $16.99
  • Banana Republic Shirt, $4.49
  • Bakers Red Wedges, $10.99
  • Bally Black Flats, $35.99
  • Brown Belt, $4.49
  • Bracelets, $3.49 Each
  • Evening Bag $4.49
  • Recycled Wrapper Purse, $5.99
  • Sweater Clips, $4.00 Each

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