Dazzling Easter flower baskets

All of us have baskets, but we seldom know what to do with them. As a result they end up stored in the garage to collect dust. Here are simple tips on how to create the most amazing Easter/Spring flower baskets. We will be using variations of baskets, mini suitcases, wooden buckets, tin containers and adding flowers, miniature rabbits and ducks to help finish the overall look.

Here's a helpful hint: Recycle by transforming your old Easter baskets into something completely different just by adding moss.

Materials needed:

  • Baskets, tin containers
  • Floral foam (pre-soaked for 3 minutes)
  • Floral picks (purchase from your local craft shop)
  • Moss sheets (purchase from your local craft shop)
  • Plastic baggie (if the basket do not have a plastic liner)
  • Flowers (use your favorite flowers)
  • Assorted (toy) bunny rabbits and baby chicks (purchased from your local craft shop)
  • Glue Gun
  • Knife
  1. Use a hot glue gun to add glue the outer shell of the basket.
  2. Cover the outer shell of the basket with sheet moss.
  3. Cut sheet moss according to the size of the basket.
  4. Line the interior of the basket with a plastic bag (you can use a grocery store plastic bag) if your basket is not lined.
  5. Presoak floral foam for 3 minutes
  6. Cut floral foam to fit the dimension of the basket
  7. Add flowers of your choice
  8. All embellishments such as a toy rabbit or baby chicks.
Note: In place of a basket, you can use a tin container, mini suitcase, or wooden buckets.

About Ria Sim:
Ria Sim is the owner of Twigsstudio Danville / Ria Sim Designs- the destination floral studio in Danville Ca. Ria is inspired by her love for fashion, colors and textures she sees everyday. Her floral creations are unlike any other and Ria is insistent that flowers are the focus. "When I design each arrangement, I love to bring forth the beauty that each flower possesses." Ria focuses on simple, elegant floral designs resulting in timeless beauty for her clients' weddings, events, and special occasions.

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