Traveling with kids made easy

Tips for travel with kids

  1. Make sure kids can carry own suitcases - need rolling suitcases.
  2. Give them responsibility/treat them like adult. Let them pack with your supervision.
  3. Arm them with information. Get each a backpack that has their home address.
  4. Dealing with airport security. Have kids wear slip on shoes through security. There are the new family lanes now - look for those at airports.
  5. Pick a kid-friendly restaurant. Ask the hotel concierge.
  6. Make sure you have a suite so you can have your downtown and stay up later than the kids.
  7. Plan for some free, fun down time for the kids. Stay with a hotel with a great pool.
  8. Pick a hotel that is central to everything - you can check this out on
About Amy Graff
With more than a dozen years of experience as a travel editor and writer, Amy most recently served as a senior editor at VIA, A travel magazine that reaches more than three million members of the American Automobile Association. She is also a contributor to Bay Area regional lifestyle magazines including Diablo and San Francisco, and is also a frequent guest on San Francisco's nationally syndicated lifestyle show, "View from the Bay." In addition to managing, Amy writes for Sunset Custom Publishing and serves as the Community Manager for The San Francisco Chronicle's new parenting site, Bay Area Moms, for which she writes The Mommy Files blog.

As a child, Amy traveled with her mother and father. She caught the chicken pox in Rio de Janeiro, watched the wall come tumbling down in Berlin, and outran an angry cassowary in an Australian jungle. In her 20s she traveled with her husband, Anthony, who introduced her to outdoor adventure. They mountain biked all over Colorado, camped through Hawaii, and search for sloths in Costa Rica. Now, she's experiencing similar adventures with her own children, 5-year-old Paris and 2-year-old Dante. With her little ones in tow, she has swum with dolphins in Hawaii, celebrated Bastille Day in Paris, and slurped up pho in Vietnam. Amy isn't afraid to hop in the car or on a plane-and go.

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