Marina Vista cases come back negative


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The flu scare has put a big dent in attendance at Pittsburg's Marina Vista Elementary, where Marina Vista principal Lynne Plunkett was waiting for results of tests done on samples from nine sick students. They all came back negative for the flu outbreak.

"Today's it's business as usual until I hear from the health department," says Plunkett.

At /*Highlands Elementary*/, where classes have been canceled until next week, janitors cleaned, while teachers worked, planning for the return of their students.

"When they come back, there's going to be many questions that they have, that their parents are going to have and we want them to feel assured that everything's fine and that we're just back in business," saidBill Figlietti, a Highlands teacher.

Principal Steve Ahonen says it's not clear yet whether the class hours lost to the /*H1N1 flu outbreak*/ will be made up, but he expects his teachers will get paid, either way.

"This will be an opportunity for them to do think they maybe wouldn't normally do, but they're going to be working," said Ahonen.

At Pittsburg High School, absences have been greater than normal, but so far, no clear link to the flu. Still, principal Todd Whitmire is prepared to reschedule events like next week's senior prom, if necessary.

"Do we have a fall-back plan right now? Worst case scenario, we would postpone it and do it at a later date," said Whitmire.

"We have not been notified of any additional cases," said Pittsburg superintendent Barbara Wilson, Ph.D.

Wilson told ABC7, parents should not keep their kids out of school, unnecessarily.

"We don't want to leave children at home and having them left behind scholastically. If they're healthy, they should be at school," said Wilson.

Again, all results have come back negative at Marina Vista and school will be in session on Friday.

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