Instilling good values in your kids

John Bradshaw is one of the bestselling self-help authors of our generation who has brought millions enlightenment and hope for more than 25 years. He appeared on six nationally televised PBS specials, and is a dominant figure in the fields of addiction/recovery and family systems -- best known for coining the term "inner child," in his bestselling book Homecoming, and bringing the term "dysfunctional family" into the mainstream. Now, Bradshaw returns with his first new book in more than ten years: RECLAIMING VIRTUE: How We Can Develop The Moral Intelligence To Do The Right Thing At The Right Time For The Right Reason, a landmark exploration of the life of virtue, how we can learn it and live it, and how we can teach it to our children in these troubled times.

Like Bradshaw's landmark works, RECLAIMING VIRTUE delves into the middle of current controversies about public and private morality. Bradshaw is appalled--as are so many--by the greed and lack of caring that plague the world today and have become especially apparent in our current economic crisis. He knows, too, that many people feel rudderless--wanting to do right, but surrounded by a society that sells a "get yours" philosophy on every corner. Is the only answer a return to traditional rules-based morality and an idealized past? Bradshaw says no. Instead, he shows that each of us has what he calls an inborn moral intelligence or an inner guidance system, that can lead us-if we know how to cultivate it in ourselves and others. In the book, Bradshaw also reveals:

  • The meaning of "inborn moral intelligence" and how we can discover and cultivate it in ourselves;

  • What new brain research has revealed about our inborn capacity for "moral intelligence";

  • What children need from parents and teachers to grow up with moral intelligence-and why corporal punishment is counterproductive to building the seeds of virtue;

  • How we can awaken in children the desire to be good people and what parents can do if they are struggling to discipline a child;

  • Why our attempts to teach virtue fail so often.

    May 7, 2009 at 7PM
    Copperfield's Bookstore
    138 North Main Street
    Sebastopol, CA 95472
    (707) 823-2618


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