Gourmet food served out of a taco truck


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Sweetbread just fits in the atmosphere of a fancy restaurant. The delicacy goes perfectly with the white tablecloths and piano music. So who would ever expect to find sweetbread served out of a taco truck?

"This is real food it's fabulous. I think it's a fabulous idea," says Maline Giddings, a San Francisco resident.

Turns out San Francisco foodies love the idea and the chef and owner of Chez Spencer is going to make it happen.

"My idea is to launch a fine dining taco truck," says Laurent Katgely, the Chez Spenser chef and owner.

Katgely bought a used taco truck in Stockton and plans to roll it out for the first time next Thursday to 7th and Folsom Streets. It will serve French food like escargot lollipops and lobster.

Food editors at Chow.com say food out of carts, trucks, and other offbeat locations are all the buzz right now.

"We've been calling it nonstaurants. The sort of trend of restaurants that aren't really restaurants in the traditional sense," says Roxanne Webber, an associate editor from Chow.com.

It appears the economy is partly driving the fad. Farmer Brown plans to open a to-go window on Monday because it's cheaper than opening another restaurant.

Traditionalists may raise their eyebrows and wonder if this will really work, but people in the industry say expect more of these. What better way for a young chef to escape the cost of a restaurant and avoid working nights and week-ends?

"I'm all for having nights and weekends off. Hopefully it works out," says Morgan Patton, Chez Spenser's sous chef.

It also changes things up for the customer. If you've never tried escargot, spending $2 on a lollipop sure beats paying $25 for an entree.

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