GOP start Pelosi attack ads

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Pelosi would want nothing more than to have this matter go away, but Republicans are trying to keep it going in an effort to gain some badly needed congressional seats.

It was two weeks ago when /*Pelosi*/ defended herself saying that she was never briefed about waterboarding seven years ago, despite CIA memos that suggested otherwise.

"So let me be clear, you're accusing the CIA of lying to you in September of 2002?" said a reporter.

"Yes, misleading the Congress of the United States," said Pelosi.

Republicans are now trying to use Pelosi's own words against her. They're using rob calls and new ads aimed at discrediting the speaker in key congressional districts the GOP considers vulnerable.

"She challenged the veracity of a bureaucracy that's trying to protect us from terrorist attacks," said Sean Walsh, a GOP strategist.

Walsh believes the ads will work and targeting Pelosi on the CIA issue is fair game.

"And quite candidly she's gone after them on I think legitimate foreign policy and public policy grounds so she's put herself in the arena of fair game to either put up her facts or shut up," said Walsh.

The fact that Republicans are targeting Pelosi instead of the president makes perfect sense. Sixty-two percent of Americans approve of the job President Obama's doing, while only 39 percent approve of the speaker. However, Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher (D) of California, who was in Lafayette Thursday night for a speaking engagement, says republicans have little leg to stand on.

"When my Republican colleagues could have stood up to the American people when questions were raised about not finding WMD in Iraq and other things, they didn't do a thing. They just rubber stamped everything the Bush Administration put forward. So I think it's a little late for them to be pointing fingers," said Tauscher.

At this point, the ads won't be running in California. Most of them will be running in seemingly vulnerable Democratic districts in states like Virginia and Arizona.

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