Microsoft statement about the Bing search engine

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We think our current search safety settings are solid but at Microsoft we are always working on pushing this stuff farther. We also are listening to customers, and some have told us they want more control and they want it now. In particular some folks who manage corporate networks have asked for tools now to enforce SafeSearch settings at the network level. So for right now, we wanted to let people know that you can add "adlt=strict" to the end of a query and no matter what the settings are for that session, it will return results as if safe search was set to strict. The query would look like this: (yes it is case sensitive).

This short term work-around should work with lots of popular firewall and safety products, as well as for larger, managed network environments. In the next couple of months we will formalize this work so that a broader range of partners, applications and tools can take advantage of this functionality more easily. In addition, we are looking for more ways to give consumers more control to ensure that Bing gives them a great search experience.

- Microsoft Spokesman

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