3 steps to de-stressing your life

Dave believes it is important to experience at least one beautiful moment, one funny moment, and one delicious moment everyday.

· Beautiful Moment - Whether a beautiful sunset or thru music, it can take you to a new place. Take time out of your day to experience one beautiful moment per day.

· Funny Moment - Believe it or not this can be the toughest moment to feel. Try to experience a laugh or two per day.

· Delicious Moment - Enjoy the simple pleasures of life like exotic chocolates or a good bottle of wine. In this bad economy - when so many people are cutting vacations and expensive dinners -- little things like dessert can bring us just as much pleasure as those things we've given up.

Ways to de-stress everyday from Dave:

1. YOGA - despite its popularity, yoga can be really boring for so many. But it's benefits are truly life changing and it releases so much tension in the body that can make it impossible to be present.

2. MUSIC - by bringing music into yoga or any aspect of life, it's a way to part the sea of chaos in the mind and reveal a more tranquil state. there's a great quote I often mention in my classes, "Silence is not the absence of sound but the absence of self."

3. CHOCOLATE - my mantra, everyday of life, enjoy one funny moment, one beautiful moment, and one delicious moment as a way to create substance. otherwise, entire days go by and we don't remember a single thing. If everyday we could enjoy one delicious piece of chocolate, it's a way to tune out distraction and create a rich and powerful memory. Lastly, the word STRESSED spelled backward is DESSERTS

4. SCENT - when we are in the midst of something that we want to remember forever, it's best to use the power of scent to make sure that memory is recorded deep in your mind. Scent is the only of the senses to trigger an emotional response. When spelling Drakkar, I instantly am brought back to my 10 th grade semi-formal and my date from the Valley with giant hair.

5. REST - the science states that every human has at least 30 genes pre-disposed to disease. Hopefully those genes lie dormant your whole life but one thing to note, the primary triggers for those genes are toxins and stress. Often we go way too long without taking time to depressurize, lie down, and chill the heck out!

About David Romanelli:
DAVID ROMANELLI is Yahoo's designated Mind-Body Expert, and the author of the popular blog, Livin' the Moment, which reaches hundreds of thousands of readers weekly. He is the cofounder of At One Yoga in Phoenix, AZ and teaches his popular Yoga + Chocolate and Yoga + Wine workshops nationwide. He has been featured in the New York Times, O magazine, Marie Claire, and other publications, as well as on local radio and television. His corporate partnerships include Vosges Chocolates, Veuve Clicquot, and Canyon Ranch, with more to come, and his newsletter, Schtick, currently reaches 2,000 fans.

For more information on Dave Romanelli, please visit www.yeahdaveyoga.com.

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