Figuring out your baby's personality

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Hot, Sweet or Tangy? What Flavor is Your Bump?

While we're not scientists, we've spoken to hundreds of women who agree that their pregnancy cravings correlate with their child's as young child. They noticed that if they craved spicy foods during pregnancy their child tended to like them too. And if they craved only sweets, their child tended to have a baby sugar tooth after they were born. That's why it's important to notice your cravings when your pregnant-because we've found that they are indicators of your baby-to be's own palate.

The Cinna-Bun in the Oven: If you crave sweets-cookies, candy, ice cream and more-consider this a head's up that you might have a sugary little baby. Since breast milk is sweet, if you plan to nurse their cravings bode well. Don't blame yourself if you find yourself wandering down the ice cream aisle every time you hit the market, but try to redirect your little honey by eating sweet fruits like pineapple, apples and bananas or dried cherries.

The Hot Potato: If you find yourself putting your local Indian restaurant on speed dial in your 9th month or can't get enough of your mother's spicy chili, you've got a fiery little one on his or her way. Try not to give in to all your flaming cravings-but a little Tabasco now and then won't hurt anyone. Be prepared to indulge this sophisticated little palate once he or she arrives as your baby is probably going to like that Indian food as much as you do.

The Sour Tart: If lemons are suddenly your thing and you find yourself craving a bag of Sour Patch kids, those are clues that this babe will be able to handle strong tasting cuisine and might have a hankering for unusually strong flavors.


How Busy is Your Baby? "They're all different!" our obstetricians tell us when we ask about baby's movements in the womb, and nothing could be more true. Scientists have studied prenatal activity and found that the activity level of baby's beginning at 6 months pregnant indicates what the activity level will be like after their born.

The Different types of Movers and Shakers

The Snuggler: This pee wee couch potato is definitely not known for perpetual pounds and kicks on the womb door, and moves just enough to keep you from calling 911. But by being passive, your coy little spud is making you pay very close attention to her. We think these little drama queens relish the singular focus on every move she makes.

The Poker: Just when you've finally found a comfortable position on the couch this little devil jabs you right in the ribs. You'll spend a lot of time pondering just which side of the family those pointy limbs came from (Dad's!) or wondering how your baby managed to gain access to a sharp stick in utero. The sleepless nights, painful punches and rib-cracking pokes will earn you some internal battle scars as well as bragging rights with the other moms.

The Fiddler: Unlike the poker, this gentler little baby seems to be constantly fiddling with his or her fingers and toes. One moment you'll think he's trying to carefully dig his way out of there and the next you'll swear he's drawing stick figures on his womb wall. Piano prodigy? Knitting expert? Writer? Have fun daydreaming about where finely tuned little tickler's talents will take him and how proud you'll be.

The Puzzler: This baby will really keep you guessing with acrobatic contortions that prove he or she can be in two places at once. Just when you're certain you've identified two little feet under your right rib cage a third seems to materialize instantly under your left. These enigmatic kicks and punches make you a walking source of entertainment if you're willing to share the antics of your little Houdini with an audience.

The Head Banger: A non-stop moving machine, this baby can get a rise out of even the most seasoned obstetrician and delight his future siblings with hours of fascinating spectacle as he stretches the limits of your skin. Be prepared-as very soon there won't be anything holding this poster child for baby proofing back.

Creating a Nesty Little Nook:
Your baby is currently set in a womb of her own but it's up to you to create a little spot that's big and comfortable enough for the two of you to relax and rest. Think of it as a retreat of mind, body and bump or your very own prenatal perch-a suite spot that will be your ticket to emotional and physical comfort and a great place for a mom sporting a bump to take a time-out.

First: Stake out a quiet spot in the house, like the baby's nursery, or a quiet corner nook near a window, and transform it into a little love nest for you and your little egg. Make it as private and separate from the rest of your home as you can.

Feathering Your Nesty Nook: Find a comfortable glider or upholstered rocking chair. Previously used chairs can be found at yard sales, stores that sell used nursery items, or online. This comfy piece of furnishing will be indispensable in your nursery so invest the time and effort into obtaining it. The right one will get you through years of feedings, rock-a-byes, readings and snuggles. A small, sturdy table or bookshelf pulled close will provide a place for setting a beverage as well as give handy access for stacking books and magazines. A three-way desk or floor lamp is nice so you can vary the lighting from dim to bright according to your needs and moods. (Be sure to consider the safety precautions of floor and table lamps in a nursery-before you know it you'll have a busy, curious toddler in there!)

Creature comforts: Indulge in some items that make your space feel like a pampering retreat-an etched carafe for ice water, a pretty new tea cup, a plush throw, fresh flowers, a leather bound journal or a juicy new novel. Accessorize sentimentally with framed family photos or a handmade quilt. Ban items that remind you of work, chores or to-dos.

Set the mood: Mama can't rock without music so furnish your sweet spot with a speaker dock for your MP3 player, a boom box, or radio. Complete the soothing atmosphere with a delicately scented soy candle and bliss out with your bump.

Make it a regular rendezvous: Whether you use it to take a cat nap or indulge in some easy listening, be sure to carve out some regular time to visit your nook.


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About the book:
Many pregnancy books, while brimming with facts about nutrition, medical advice and pointers for equipping the nursery, overlook a key player in a baby's development the baby! Authors AmeMahler Beanland and EmilyMiles Terry noticed this gap on their bookshelf during their own pregnancies. Instead of reading about what could go wrong or what they needed to buy, they wanted to know more about their baby's budding personality. Who is this little person and what will he or she be like when they enter the world? Postcards from the Bump: A Chick's Guide to Getting to Know the Baby in Your Belly looks at pregnancy in a revolutionary and unconventional way-from the inside out. Authors Beanland and Terry believe that pregnancy is not a burden to wait out, a bun to bake, or a lullaby to practice-it's an opportunity for pregnant women to bond with their baby long before the birth. Backed by scientific studies which prove babies know what's going on in utero-they can hear, feel, remember and experience emotions before they are born-Beanland and Terry present powerful stories alongside fascinating scientific tidbits that will help women bond with her baby as soon as her pregnancy test is positive.

Full of anecdotes, quotes, and bits of wisdom from savvy mothers as well as medical experts, Postcards from the Bump discusses good nutrition, but also provides simple recipes for filling and nutritious treats like Raisin' Baby Bran Muffins, Sweet Mama-Mia Tortillas, Chocolate "Bun in the Oven" Bread Pudding, and even virgin cocktails like the Preggy Pina Colada and Safe Sex on the Beach. Perfect forMother's Day or a baby shower gift year-round, Postcards from the Bump will inspire any expectant mom to look on the bright side of pregnancy.

About the authors:
AMEMAHLER BEANLAND and EMILY MILESTERRY are the NewYork Times bestselling authors of Nesting: It's a Chick Thing and It's a Chick Thing©: Celebrating The Wild Side of Women's Friendship. Ame and Emily write about parenting and lifestyle issues for Disney's and In addition to appearing on many television and radio programs, Ame and Emily have been featured in Family Circle, Glamour, Country Home, Health, and Better Homes & Gardens. Ame lives near Dallas with her husband and two children, and Emily resides in the Boston area with her husband and three children.

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