Rice gives keynote at Stanford energy summit


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The summit is co-sponsored by the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. It addressed the so-called "Three E's," energy, economy and the environment.

All countries, Rice pointed out, must balance a ''troika'' of concerns including energy, economy and environment. She believes the U.S. must do what is best for its future and try to get other countries to do the same.

She pointed out that the U.S. has an unusually large transportation nertwork, such as highways for moving goods to market. China is more focused on expanding employment to raise living standards. Other countries shape their energy policies for political reasons. Venezuela and Russia were two more countries she cited.

"China is a country that is very mercantilist in its foreign policy. It's a very resource-driven economy, a resource-driven foreign policy and oil is at the center of that search for resources," she said.

Following Dr. Rice's speech, the summit focused on energy policy, modifying consumer and organization behavior in using energy and new technologies. Rice believes high crude oil prices have a "warping" effect on diplomacy, but thinks that stable prices can help make a good foreign policy argument for finding alternate energy sources.

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