Over 40, single and loving it!


  1. Cultivate a circle of friends to whom you can turn for fun and companionship.

  2. Find a hobby or cause outside of work and pursue it.

  3. Date if you want to, but remind yourself that you're fine on your own.

  4. If you do date, and don't want to wade through thousands of personals online, look to more niche websites and social groups, which have a better track record. Also tell your friends to set you up.

  5. Make time for YOU. Single life can be challenging, especially if you're a single mom or taking care of aging parents. Make sure you do something nice for yourself sometimes - be it a pedicure or a lunch with friends or even just a walk in the woods.

  6. Find your own style and dress accordingly. Even if you're newly divorced or widowed, wearing miniskirts or tight clothes just screams desperation.
Single Woman of a Certain Age w/ Jane Ganahl & Friends
San Francisco Public Library, Koret Auditorium
100 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
Tuesday, June 30th
6 p.m., Free Event

Event Description: JANE GANAHL assembles a chorus of sophisticated, edgy and humorous voices who tackle the topic of being female, unmarried, and in one's prime in SINGLE WOMAN OF A CERTAIN AGE. In thi inpspiring evening, she will read from poignant and witty essays about women flying solo at midlife. Also joining Jane will be contributors Kathi Kamen Goldmark author, "And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You", Wendy Merrill author of "Falling Into Manholes", Joyce Maynard author of "To Die For", Cameron Tuttle author of "The Bad Girls' Guides", April Sinclair author of "Coffee Will Make You Black", and stage actress Anne Buelteman ("Les Miserables").

ABOUT THE EDITOR: Jane Ganahl is the author of the novelized memoir Naked on the Page: The Misadventures of My Unmarried Life. For almost five years she penned the well-received "Single Minded" Sunday column about the unmarried life in the San Francisco Chronicle. A regular contributor to the Huffington Post, she has also written for Salon.com, Rolling Stone, and other publications. She lives in Half Moon Bay, California. Visit her online at www.janeganahl.com.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Does being a single woman mean something different today than it did a few decades ago? Are more women choosing to remain single than in years past? What kinds of challenges, if any, do they still face and what does this means for the rest of society?

There are currently over 32 million single women over 35 in the United States. And according to a recent AARP study, the majority of them report that they don't feel they need to find a partner to be happy. Clearly baby boomers are rewriting the mating game. Why are so many women choosing to remain single as they grow older? Or, are they choosing? Do we really need a partner to be happy?

These questions and much more are explored in the enclosed review copy of the newly released paperback of Single Woman of a Certain Age: Romantic Escapades, Shifting Shapes, and Serene Independence edited by former San Francisco Chronicle Relationship Columnist Jane Ganahl.

These writers in the book address the challenges and rewards of growing older as a single woman: sex, loneliness, motherhood, financial struggles, blossoming careers, menopause, and more. Swinging between desperation and optimism, bad moods and good grace, these 29 essays range from the mild to the wild, the glamorous to the mundane, each expressing the gifts and travails of going solo.

The women share funny and sometimes emotional stories on: singles dances, internet blind dates, two-night stands, gravity and breasts, cowboy lovers, addiction to drinking and bad men, raising kids solo, and more. Joyce Maynard and Dakota Cassidy try online hookups; Debra Ginsberg brings up the M-word; Cameron Tuttle goes on a date - with herself; and Rachel Toor finally finds companionship - the four-legged kind.

In this newly released paperback edition, Jane Ganahl, who wrote the popular "Single Minded" column in the San Francisco Chronicle for nearly five years, has assembled a chorus of sophisticated, edgy, and humorous voices who tackle the topic of being female, unmarried, and in one's prime. This poignant and witty collection covers topics ranging from the glamorous to the mundane. They express the real life adventures, perspectives and reflections of this sophisticated group. Sometimes humorous, sometimes melancholy, but always insightful, these pieces are a treasure of independent midlife meditations.

>> Single Woman of a Certain Age: Romantic Escapades, Shifting Shapes, and Serene Independence

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