Many reports of new iPhones overheating


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The new iPhone has been out for less than two weeks, but some people are already saying it's too hot to handle -- literally. No one's been burned, but the issue is definitely heating up.

The /*iPhone*/ is overheating and users aren't taking it lightly. They're lashing out online, writing on tech blogs, and Twitter. One person on Twitter said the "iPhone 3GS is starting to get real hot five minutes into a phone call. Battery life drops like crazy. I think I need a new unit!" Another blogger is raising the recall flag.

"We're hearing three things. We're hearing that the phone is actually very hot to touch, that discolorations are happening to the case of the white iPhone, and I've heard a couple of people have warnings on their phone come up," says Kent German from CNET.

Many of the complaints are coming from owners of the white iPhone 3GS, who say the phone is not only very hot to touch, but the back of the phone permanently turns pink or brown when it over heats.

Those at Wired Magazine started investigating the hot iPhone issue once readers started emailing them -- saying most iPhones are susceptible.

"The iPhone 3G starts to overheating when people are gaming heavily on it, so if they're playing Super Monkey Ball or Tetris, or when they're using the wifi, so browsing the internet," says Wired Magazine associate editor Daniel Dumas. "It looks like it's probably a software glitch that needs to be fixed by Apple."

At San Francisco's Apple store, no one was detoured from standing in line because of a hot iPhone problem, but some have experienced it.

"It feels hot in your pocket, other than that it's fine. It's not like it's going to burn you or anything," says Hank Janson, an iPhone owner.

Others are concerned.

"If it overheated and I couldn't pick it up, that would be a problem," says Linda Read, an iPhone owner.

ABC7 spoke with an Apple representative on Wednesday about the over-heating iPhone. She said she had no information about it.

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