16-year-old plays with Green Day


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Kamran Imran, 16, practices a Green Day song in his bedroom, but you should have seen where he played it last.

This past weekend, Kamran was on stage with Green Day in Seattle. The shaky amateur video was seen on YouTube. At the concert, he got the attention of lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong.

"He was like, 'You know Jesus of Suburbia?' and I was like 'Yes.' Well, he had security throw me up on stage and he handed me his favorite guitar, "Floyd," and I was... the manager told me I was the first person other than him who had ever played it on stage," said Kamran.

It is a nine-minute song and Kamran played the lead.

"I was terrified, overjoyed, and confident too," said Kamran.

His mom was at the show.

"I was more excited for him than anything because I know it was his dream come true," said Kamran's mother Terri Imran.

Green Day was impressed and Billy Joe said that it was amazing.

They gave him a backstage pass for the after show party and now he's getting hits on YouTube.

"A lot of people are like 'Awe, man you're awesome,' and like 'You're the luckiest kid alive,'" said Kamran.

He was inspired to play guitar by Green Day. Maybe what's remarkable about his talent is he's only been playing for three years.

"We see how well he has done, really passionate about it and his teacher says he's amazing," said Kamran's father Sabahat Imran.

Kamran is forming a band and he plans to go to two more Green Day concerts this summer, and who knows, maybe he might join them again on stage to give the band an added dimension.

Link: Fan plays guitar for Green Day

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