Dating after breast cancer

For those who worry that no man will want her because she has a life threatening disease:

1) She needs to remember that the prognosis for breast cancer is very good - most women survive for over 10 years according to the American Cancer Society. Each year, survival rates go up, due to new research. She still has a future to plan for.

2) She is still the person she was before she was diagnosed. She should list the things she had to offer a man before her diagnosis, and remember that those have not gone away.

3) Her love life doesn't need to go on hold. As she gets to know new men, she will get a feel for the ones who emotionally generous and empathetic--and not have time for those who aren't.

4) It helps if she waits until the beginning of a relationship is established before she reveals that she has breast cancer. The best time is after the third date, but before the sixth date. This way, they will have gotten to know each other, they like each other, but they're not in so deep that it's painful to get out if he is a jerk about it. How he responds is a test of his character.

5) Good guys (there are many out there) want to be supportive of the women they care for. They enjoy being needed.

If you are afraid to let your partner see or touch your scarred breast:

1) Treat yourself to a sexy camisole, or bra, and wear that for your partner at first.

2) Talk to your partner about how you feel about your scar. You might discover that he/she has been reluctant to bring up the subject with you. He/she might be concerned that touching your breast will be painful, and they don't want to hurt you. If you open the lines of communication, you will probably discover that you will become comfortable with your partner being as close as they were before your surgery.

3) Your scar will fade with time.

How to bring it up with a man you are dating:

1) Do not put it on your online profile, or bring it up in the first few dates.

2) The best time to bring it up is at a neutral location, when you have open-ended time to hang out--over a meal or a walk, for example.

3) Be ready with some literature and some statistics about the kind and stage of cancer that you have.

4) Tell him that now that you're getting to know him, that you have something important to tell him. Let him know that you don't just tell this to everyone--he will respect your boundaries. Let him know that you'll understand if he needs time to think about it.

5) Be prepared to be open about the type of treatment you're having, and how it's affecting your energy level.

About Annie Gleason, Dating Coaching for Midlife Singles:

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Annie Gleason is the West Coast's only mid-life dating coach specialist. After coaching part time for four years, she launched Get A Love Life and began coaching full-time in September 2007. She is the Dating Examiner for San Francisco, the midlife dating expert at, and the author of Annie's Blog at She holds webinars on Making the Most of Online Dating, seminars about Dating in the Twenty First Century, and heads up Flirting Field Trips. She also does private coaching and speaks about dating at various events.

Gleason studied dating coaching with Susan Bradley, RN, who is one of the founders of dating coaching, with over 25 years of experience.

Gleason has a background in business and solution-based sales. For over 20 years more than 98% of her clients were men. Many of them repeatedly sought her advice about dating. She realized that there was a huge disconnect between how men communicated their feelings and how women perceived them. She was inspired to help men and women understand each other better and entered the world of dating coaching.

Gleason learned from her own dating experiences that if people don't break out of certain patterns, they may not achieve their romantic goals. She helps her clients identify and conquer their limitations, understand their souls and pursue their personal goals. The vast majority of Gleason's long-term clients enter satisfying long-term relationships and many begin to see results after just a few weeks of working with her.

Gleason is currently engaged and living with her fiancé. They plan to wed late this fall.

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