The do's and don'ts of foot care

Dr. Reyselman's shoe suggestions:

Height of Heels
Dr. Reyzelman does not recommend any heels over two inches. The higher the heel, the more pressure that is put on the ball of the foot. The toes get scrunched up and squeezed, which leads to the hammer toe formation and all other deformations of the foot.

Width of the Heel
The wider the heel, the greater the distribution of pressure. The narrower the heel, the less pressure distribution you have, so there is a lot more pain and pressure put on to the heel itself.

Pointed Toe Shoes
For most women the forefoot, or the area between the first and the pinky toes, is fairly wide and they squeeze in their toes into pointed toes shoes. Those toes start to point in and they're going through deformations that are really unnatural and they are forcing their foot in there. Dr. Reyzelman does not recommend this shoe, however if you wear it for one or two hours a day, that's not going to make a big difference.

A Rounded Toe Pump
It fits the contours of your toes much better, and it doesn't squeeze your toes. You have more room, therefore it doesn't contribute to the bunion formation or the hammer toe formation. Again few hours is not so bad.

Peep Toe Shoes
These shoes squeeze all the toes into the center position. And, that will potentially lead to a deformation of the toes. There are more problems with dryness of the heels and fissuring. During the Winter, Dr. Reyzelman sees a lot of patients that wear open heels, and they have fissures and cracking that tend to give them a lot of pain.

The wedge incorporates a wider heel and the foot goes right into the fore-foot area and distributes pressure. There's a lot more pressure re-distribution on the entire arch and heel of the foot. Dr. Reyzelman feels that it is a much better functioning shoe and more comfortable. Of all the shoes, this is probably the most anatomically appropriate shoe.

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