New alternatives to botox treatments


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Who among us wouldn't want to put our best face forward. New injectable wrinkle fillers and relaxers make that possible.

Both botox and the new reloxin temporarily paralyze muscles--eliminating the wrinkles that are created when you make facial expressions.

"They generally will fix a line or wrinkle for up to about 6 to 12 months," said Anne Chapas, M.D., dermatologist.

Others may want to consider collagen injections. They give skin a plumper, smoother appearance.

"Collagen is actually a filler. It actually fills the wrinkle or fills the hollow in your face," said Good Housekeeping Leesa Suzman.

If you don't like injections, try the no-needle alternative. Products like "Fusion beauty lift fusion magic wand" can soften some wrinkles.

Nothing should be done however without consulting a doctor.

Use of some products can lead to side effects like face-freezing. Ask a doctor how long they've been using the material before starting treatments.

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