Unleash your inner artist


Painted Frames
Pick any frame an an art store. You can choose to draw or write directly on them, and or paint or spray paint them too. The goal is to personalize it in a way no one else could. Don't worry if your hand-writing is a little messy. Al the better. The goal is to have fun and to make something unique and memorable with your special touch to it. It is those small and imperfect details that often put the charm into an object.

Hand Painted WORD Cards
Take any beautiful card stock paper you have, fold it in half and draw out the letters of a word you like, such as "happy","thanx", or "love". Cut around the letters on one half of your card. There is no correct way to do this. The look of the card is suppose to be a little funky and imperfect.Then color it in and write your message. The point of the card is to have a home made feel to it so the receiver knows and feels you cared to make them something unique. So let go of your inner critique. Just have the idea of "playing" when you are making your home-made card and keep it easy and simple. That will make all the difference if you are having a little art adventure.

Painting Rocks from the Heart

Take a walk and look for rocks that have a nice form or color to them.Have the rock "speak to you" in one way or another.

As always you can sketch your idea out first on a piece of paper, or if you are feeling inhibited just go for it.

There is no right or wrong way to paint rock.

You can use just about anything to mark it.

You can choose any size rock too.

First clean the rock well. Decide what image would work well with it's natural form.

One can leave the natural rock showing and simply paint a word or symbol on it allowing for it's neutral color to be part of the art.

You can also paint the rock with water colors, acrylic or oil paints.

Recently, I have been experimenting with spay painting them. It gives the rock I nice solid base.

Then I just make designs like stars or hearts, write words, or even paint a landscape.

You can write on them with a sharpie or oil-pen from the local craft store too. I suggest writing "i love you", or something like that can make a sweet love letter or meaningful souvenir.

When I am done I sometimes glaze them with Modge-Podge or any kind of glaze medium to give them a nice shine.


- Have several blank working journals: Blank journals are great places to keep visual and descriptive diaries of your ideas. You can include magazine clippings, photos, crumbs and leaf pressings from a park walk. Journals are where you can go when you need ideas too.

- Look for things that inspire you in your environment: Be present to the beauty in the things around you. Contemplate beauty in simple objects in your home or outside your window. Start to write down what you find beautiful. Share that with a creative friend too.

- Go into nature and enjoy the natural forms: Go on a stroll. Pretend you're a poet and go to a park, garden or mountain. Sit down and breathe. Stare and breathe some more. Art making is a type of meditation. Start some simple sketches while contemplating how all aspects of life are related. Become whole and connected to what is around you in nature. Wake up early and watch the sunrise or drive to a pretty place to paint a sunset.

- Let your art making be a gift to yourself: Keep what you absolutely love. Cherish it as you learn to cherish yourself. Let your art speak to you too. Be willing to explore different vulnerable aspects of yourself that may me challenging to first accept. You may surprise yourself. It's like port, it gets better with time.

-Cherish what is meaningful or inspirational to you: Frame a page from your journal, or a wine label that has special memory. Place it somewhere that you can see it everyday and be reminded of what inspires you. (This is the added tip!!)

-Take a class: Register in an intensive one day or weekend class with an artist you admire. Enroll in community extension courses or a vacation art class in a faraway place. There's nothing like adventure to get the focus and inspiration going.

-Go to your favorite museum and museum book store: Take your sketch pad. Note how artists interpret nature, city life, people, and thoughts in different ways. Look at art you like and art you do not like. (Look at the door handles, all the accessories. Great for people watching as well)

-There are no rules to what makes art art: There is no one way to make art. The world is yearning for your particular personal interpretation. Basically, the overwhelming consensus between all artists is the willingness to make it and share it. You too can be an artist from just the act and practice of making it, no matter what you personally think about it.

-Take note of what fascinates you: In the area of art, having an obsession may be valuable to the experience. It will confirm for you the colors that you love, art mediums that intrigue you, textures you wish to recreate, themes of images you wish to render. Have "in-joyment" for what you care about.

-Take photos and put them in a journal or on the wall.

-Talk to your creative friends: Find out how they get inspired to make art. You can discover what you are passionate about and discover many more things about others, and the art you wish to make.

-Indulge: Buy the best quality materials you can afford. (Skip a Sushi dinner if you have too.) Don't need to buy a lot of supplies, just what you need.

-Go to Open Studios: Meet and speak with other artists. Snoop politely in their home or studio. Realize you too can stick a few drawings up on the wall and invite people to your house for an Open Studio. It is as simple as that. No degrees or credentials needed to share your art with the world.

-Be willing to grow with your art: Remember how the first pancake at breakfast can come out funny and imperfect? Have patience with yourself. It's supposed to be a discovery process and something personal. Check the inner critic and be willing to be forgiving and nurturing.

-Take a self development course: Get support and take responsibility for your blocks and excuses for not making art. Blocks are usually all past and fear based issues that are collapsed in perceptions of failure and doubt. It's all just human. If you can find clarity, focus, and let go of the disempowering beliefs you have, you can create a path for your "unbridled expressions of the world".

-Have partnerships: Art making is often a solitary expression and warranted as such. But it can also be done with a mate or friend present, whether they are making art too. Be willing to have your community support you in any way you like. Give your art away as expressions of your love and contribution.

-Be willing to be fulfilled and happy in your commitment to your artistic, creative self !

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