Enjoy life, one sip at a time

David White's tips (from his book)

1) Use daily repeating moments to reflect on what has gone well/okay/acceptable that day or week (i.e. the power of counting blessings): morning coffee, bathroom time, brushing teeth, lunch break, waiting at the stop light you hate most, or stalled in traffic, relaxing with a beverage, i.e. wine

2) Experience Spirituality, as Sippin' on Top of the World defines it: what you find going well in the details of the day and with whom

3) Seek more occasions to toast: people to celebrate, bless, and thank... set aside time to celebrate personal triumphs, family events, joyous moments

4) Find/create rituals that consciously celebrate and energize people and occasions i.e. during dinner hour take turns with a goblet (from Greek times) and whoever holds it speaks their words of wisdom... a good way to find out what happened in each person's day

5) Turn Happy Hour into Sippin' Time sharing a glass of wine or cup of tea or coffee with a neighbor or friend and reflect on a Sip and how it connects with your own life thread

6) Write your own Sip and submit it, if you like, an anecdote from your life with a lesson learned that you think is worth sharing

7) What makes you passionate? Do with passion whatever it is that you love to do... whole heartedly... with your entire being

8) Trust your own judgment in what you like in wine and other areas of preference; what you like matters most, regardless of what others say

9) Set aside a few minutes each day and sit with a Sip and use it as a basis to reflect on your life

10) Invite friends or neighbors over for a weekend afternoon for wine/tea/coffee and Sippin'... and plan to do it again, next month and thereafter, with people taking turns hosting

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