Latest trends in kids hair

Some tips for kids and their hair

Dilemma #1: Gum in hair
Several types of solvents are known to help break a wad of gum's sticky grip from a child's hair. You might want to try peanut butter or olive oil, which are probably in your kitchen cupboard. If you'd prefer not to use a food product, anything silicone-based also will work, including Biolage Smoothing Serum and Sleek Look Serum.

Whatever you use, apply it to the area where the gum is attached to the hair and saturate. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes. This will allow the oils to penetrate through the sticky surface. Working small sections at a time, comb through the gum. Little by little, the gum will release from the hair shaft.

Dilemma #2: Unforgiving snarls and rat's nests
It may be tempting to simply reach for the scissors, but a better solution is to reach for a quality leave-in conditioner that will let you tackle almost any snarl. Apply the conditioner to the snarl. Working from the bottom of the snarl, gently comb the hair to release the knots. The best options to keep handy include Solutions leave-in conditioner, Biolage Leave-in Tonic, Biolage Hydraseal Leave-in Crème or Matrix Essentials Instacure.

To prevent snarls from happening in the first place, invest in a leave-in conditioner to apply to your hair on a daily basis or every time the hair is shampooed. Daily conditioning and combing the hair immediately after conditioning will help to keep knots away.

The leave-in conditioner will help keep the hair tangle-free. Additionally, for young ladies, long hair can be braided in a simple three-strand plait at night to keep the hair from knotting.

Here's how to check for lice:

1. Purchase a fine tooth comb from any pharmacy.

2. On dry hair section off some hair creating a definite part the first section should be around the ears.

3. Using the fine tooth comb comb trough small sections of hair.

4. If you see a full grown lice or a egg then you will need to treat your childs hair.

There are many over the counter products offered that kill lice. Remember you will have retreat the hair 2 weeks after the first application or seek help from your family doctor.

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