Never be sick or fat again

Dr. Francis's new health and disease theory:

His theory is that there is only one disease, doctors like to give it many different names but basically it is a malfunctioning cell. When cells malfunction, the body, the body is longer able to maintain homeostasis by regulating and repairing itself. This is the essence of disease, no matter what you call it or how it happens. Because only one disease exists, all we need to do is to prevent the causes of that one disease. Cells malfunction for two reasons: toxicity and deficiency, our cells become toxic and deficient through six different pathways, nutrition, toxic, psychological, physical, genetic and medical.

Dr. Francis's FOUR worst food choices, comprising the bulk of the average American diet and disastrous to the health of our population are:

1. sugar

2. white flour

3. processed oils

4. milk products.

They provide little nutrition and are toxic as well.

Dr. Francis recommends we should all be eating living foods, directly as nature provided, as unchanged as possible. He feels we must learn to count nutrients and not calories. When you eat real nutritious food your body obtains the nutrients it needs and you will likely not have food cravings or become overweight. All fruits and vegetables must be organic. Beef needs to be grass fed and organic, poultry and eggs must be free range and organic and fish needs to be wild fish only. Sadly, there are not that many oils that are beneficial to our health in stores today, even most of the olive oils are not a pure olive oil. Coconut oil is extremely important and even though it is a saturated fat it works completely differently and is beneficial to our health.

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About Raymond Francis:
At the age of 49 Raymond Francis was pronounced dead by his doctors. He chose to reject his doctor's death sentence. Having survived and fully recovered from a terminal illness by using his knowledge of biochemistry, Raymond decided to devote the remainder of his life to improving the health of people everywhere and ending the epidemic of chronic disease. As a renowned health expert, bestselling author of the two books including "Never Be Sick Again" and "Never Be Fat Again" today helps people with easy ways to change their health.

Raymond says "Every disease is caused by a malfunctioning cell. Our cells need the proper building blocks to reproduce correctly and in turn communicate efficiently. Without precise, efficient cellular communication, health is not possible. We can live long and healthy lives if we provide our cells with all the nutrients they need and protect our cells from toxins. Eliminate the "Big 4", which includes sugar, white flour, processed oils, dairy and excess animal protein. Supplementation is very important as our food today, is dead food. On a daily basis we all need a good multi vitamin, 6-10grams of vitamin C and 11,000mg of essential fatty acids, to say the least."

One of Raymond's big concerns is that healthcare costs are bankrupting America. Of the $2.2 trillion we pour into health care each year, a frightening 75 cents of every dollar goes towards treating patients with chronic illnesses. These costs alone are crippling our nation. With his Beyond Health Model he can solve America's health care crisis by teaching American's how to change their lives for the better. Raymond's Beyond Health Model identifies and addresses the root causes of disease. When you focus on addressing the causes, problems can be solved.

Raymond Francis, an MIT trained scientist, provides understandable cutting edge solutions to provide you the truth you need to get well and stay well. He is writing his new book on cancer.

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