Do-it-yourself party decorations


Materials can be purchased at local party/craft stores ie: Diddams, Michaels, JoAnne's

Costs range from $20 - $60

Home Gobos - Lighting effects
Learn how to create your own home version of lighting patterns and designs to project on walls at your next event. Using a stencil trace image/text onto cardstock and cut out with an exacto knife. Shine light through the cut out onto a wall to create a light image, room lights must be dim.

-1 piece of Cardstock


-Exacto art knife


Collaborative Art
Fun for all ages! Guests will have the opportunity to participate in the creation of a mural that can be a great keepsake to remember the event by or a gift for a guest of honor, while serving as party decor and a conversation piece!

Prop board or canvas securely in a highly visible space at your party. Display art supplies on a table nearby. Explain to guests they can participate in creating a mural when they arrive and show them supplies, then let them go to work!

-Black Board (or Canvas)

-Colored Chalk (or paint)

-Black light bulb

-Wet Wipes

Spandex décor
Using tension fabrics, create unique colorful décor in any event space. Purchase spandex fabric from local fabric store, and cut to desired geometric shape. Using monofilament tie corners of fabric to existing rig points at event space, pull taught and tie off while stretched.

-1-4 yards of spandex in color of choice


-Monofilament (fishing line)

Pool Float
Create a decorative or themed centerpiece for your pool! Cover flat piece of Styrofoam with decorative fabric. Place basket full of flowers or selected decorative materials on top of foam piece and float in pool. Tie monofilament to two sides of the float and secure lines at edge of pool to keep float in place.


-1-2 yards decorative fabric

-Straight pins


-Flowers or decorative materials



Candy Bar
Provide a fun, do-it-yourself favor station for guests at your next event! Fill several large transparent containers with different candies and display near the exit of your event. As guests leave invite them to take a bag or container and fill it with candies of their choice to take home!

*Add cupcake trees with mini cupcakes for a quick 'fix' and added decorative look!

-2 to 5 large see through containers - easy to open.

-Scoopers for each container

-Transparent bags with ties or Chinese style box containers

-A variety of candies!

About Annette Kevranian:
Annette Kevranian is the co-founder of Method 42 Productions ( ), an award winning event creation and production company based in San Jose. The company was formed in 2006 and continues to grow to new heights, even during this difficult economy. Method 42 is not your typical event planning company. They create and produce events ranging from fundraisers, corporate events, weddings, and product launches. However, their unique niche lays in their special effects, custom scenic fabrication, pyrotechnics, animatonics, displays and moldings.

About Method 42 Productions:
San Jose based, Method 42 Productions LLC designs and creates themes for events, which include promotions, marketing campaigns, fundraisers and special events. Their clients include Public relations and marketing companies, movie studios, medical foundations, nonprofit organizations, schools, private individuals and other event planners. The M42 partners designed and produced events for over 15 years. Their work has been featured on MTV's My Super Sweet 16, at Disney-Pixar and Dreamworks, The San Francisco Ballet, and for celebrity events including guests of honor such as President Clinton, photographer Anne Leibovits, and Barry Bonds.

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