Garrido's father: "He's out of his mind"


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Philipp Garrido's father, Manuel Garrido, says it's heartbreaking to hear the details of what his son is accused of doing. He hasn't talked to him in 18 years -- saying Phillip Garrido is a liar. He also says police need to know that Phillip is out of his mind.

"He's crazy. He's out of his head. He was on LSD and he had a very serious motorcycle wreck and hit his head. He was still a young teenager, he wasn't even 17, because they had to call me at work that he had an accident and had surgery and that's it," he said. "He was hurt and he went on LSD and the LSD killed him."

He says Phillip was the best kid, but was never the same after his accident and drug use. That's when he started talking about plans to make millions of dollars and how he could talk to God.

"That religion is [crazy] -- you understand that's what it is," says Manuel.

Garrido looked serious as pleaded not guilty in court on Friday. His wife Nancy sobbed through the arraignment. Together, they face 29 felony counts, ranging from kidnapping, rape and sexual assault to false imprisonment. Nancy Garrido's lawyer, Gilbert Maines, said he hadn't read the charges yet. He couldn't explain her crying.

"I'm not a psychologist. She seems to be in custody ok? Good-bye," says Maines.

Neighbors of the couple in Antioch say they think more charges will be filed-- given what they sometimes saw happening in the backyard of the house.

"It wouldn't surprise me with the stuff that was going on in the back here, with all the partying, the different groups of people back in the back, the fires all night long, a lot of stuff going on back there," says Mike Rogers, a neighbor.

Rogers would sometimes look through his fence and watch different groups of men carrying on in the backyard. That's where police say Garrido kept Jaycee Dugard and the two kids he fathered with her. He didn't call police, saying he didn't want to seem paranoid. He's glad police are now looking to see if other crimes were committed.

"It's good they're here. They need to get to the bottom of it, the quicker the better," says Rogers.

With the crimes he's now charged with, Garrido faces the possibility of several life sentences, but his father says he lost his son years ago.

Manuel lives just a few miles from his son in Brentwood, but has not seen him in years and has never been to his house.



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