No link found to prostitute murders


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The Pittsburg Police Department was one of the law enforcement agencies which searched the Garridos' home. They now say they have found no evidence to link Phillip Garrido with any of the unsolved murders of prostitutes that occurred in the 1990s.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made his first comments Tuesday about the case, saying that the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping points out the need for parole reform.

"There's too many paroles for one parole agent," said Schwarzenegger. "It's a 70 to 1 ratio. What we want to do is cut it down to a 45 to 1 ratio."

Meantime, on Walnut Avenue in Antioch, things are slowly coming back to normal. Investigators wrapped up their search Monday night of the Garridos' home and an adjacent property.

The number of reporters and photographers has diminished, but satellite trucks and vans still hog the street.

Alberto Engeli works for an Italian TV network show that is modeled after "America's Most Wanted." He says Europeans are fascinated by this story.

"It's so bad, how you can do that to that girl?" said Engeli. "I think it's crazy."

New details are surfacing about Phillip Garrido, the sexual predator. In 1976 he kidnapped and raped Katie Calloway in a Reno storage warehouse. Calloway says an alert officer saved her when he noticed the broken lock on the warehouse.

"I went crashing through, under the rugs, over the boxes, right out into the parking area where the policeman was. [I was] completely naked," said Calloway.

Garrido was paroled after serving 11 years of a life sentence.

Just released federal documents from that trial quote witnesses describing him as a sexual deviant and heavy drug abuser. He testified that "I had this fantasy that was driving me to do this, inside of me, something that was making me want to do it without -- no way to stop it."

Garrido's first wife, Christine Perreira, says he physically abused her and once tried to gouge her eye out. He met Perreira when they attended Liberty High School in Brentwood in the late 1960s.

The state corrections department is launching an investigation into its handling of Garrido's parole. There have been questions as to why parole agents failed to find Dugard and her two children who lived in the backyard of the Antioch home.

Garrido has had several different parole agents, since being let out of prison in 1988. His most recent parole officer says he visited the suspect's Antioch home two or three times a month, but he says he never saw anything wrong.

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