Pelosi questioned over Capitol elevator music

September 3, 2009 11:04:02 AM PDT
A small gathering of reporters and camera crews surrounded Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi this morning. The topic was health care. It took place immediately following Pelosi's speech to members of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce at their healthcare summit.

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Judging from the questions posed by Fox News, some in attendance were more interested in elevator music. Only seconds after, Pelosi advised reporters "do not be distracted by one thing and another," The Fox News producer asked her to comment on reports about elevator music at the Capitol.

For those who haven't heard, Fox commentators and conservative bloggers have been circulating a story that Pelosi is responsible for eliminating patriotic music in the Capitol elevators in favor of smooth jazz.

Pelosi told Fox she never heard any music coming from the capitol elevators, but the Fox producer persisted and asked about the music played over Capitol phone lines while callers are waiting on hold.

The speaker rolled her eyes to the ceiling and replied that she was focusing on health care, climate change and education and really hasn't paid attention to what music is playing on the Capitol phone system.

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