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This was just plain unfair. A Bay Area man buys furniture at a store called Furniture Plus. But he winds up with furniture minus -- minus his money too.

Tony Khurana was planning to put his new sofa in his living room. But the couch was never delivered. Instead he's been sitting on a creaky bench the past five months.

His new easy chair and end tables never came either.

"I feel very let down and disappointed being that I was so excited about having new colorful furniture," said Khurana.

Khurana bought the living room set for $980 way back in April at Furniture Plus in San Jose.

"The salesperson she was in tears, she told me 'they'll fire me if you don't buy from me.' So I took pity on her," he said.

Khurana put down a cash deposit and paid the rest with a check. The check cleared right away, but the store kept postponing his furniture delivery and Khurana kept calling to find out why.

"I said I'm waiting for my furniture I paid for it, and she would just brush me off," said Khurana.

Weeks went by, then months, then the phone at the store stopped working.

Khurana marched down to find going out of business signs plastered all over the store.

"I said give my money back because I paid for the furniture and have not received the furniture," he said. "No, we don't give money back."

So Khurana called 7 On Your Side and we found out Furniture Plus has an F-rating from the Better Business Bureau, with 22 complaints, almost all unanswered.

We reached a store manager by phone eventually, who said he wouldn't talk about Tony, unless 7 On Your Side came down. I don't think he really expected me to do that.

7 On Your Side's Michael Finney: "Hi I'm Michael Finney you invited us down here to talk to you. Channel 7 News we were invited down to talk to you."

Sales manager Bill Smith: "Well isn't that special."

Michael Finney: "So what's going on with Tony?"

Bill Smith: Who is Tony? oh Tony Khurana? He bought a sofa from a previous employee who's since been terminated for theft."

Smith says an employee cashed Tony's check and made off with the cash. I explain the owner is still responsible.

"Michael Finney: If it's his employee he's got to stand behind this."

Bill Smith: Well, which is probably what we'll do but it's kind of a sour pill to swallow."

Smithpromises to get tony his furniture, but Khurana just wants his money back.

Bill Smith: Why don't you tell him to come back in?"

Michael Finney: "You are going to take care of him if he comes back in?"

Bill Smith: "I'm going to take care of it yeah."

Michael Finney: "You will take care of it. Yeah, tell him to come to Bill."

I called Khurana, and he's there in a flash.

"Michael Finney: "So we're going to go in and get your money at least i think that's what we're going to do. long time coming?"

Tony Khurana: "It really is."

Michael Finney: "Let's go."

We find Bill. Khurana says Furniture Plus Decor owes him $980. On the spot, bill counts out 10 $100 bills and hands them to Tony.

"Bill: Okay my brother would you rather pick a sofa?"

Tony: No. No more."

Khurana is pretty happy.

"The only people I could turn to was you, 7 On Your Side," he said. "This was an impossible event you guys achieved. Thank you very much"

We really appreciate that the sales people stepped up and made things right for tony. One way to protect yourself is to shop somewhere that accepts credit cards -- this store didn't.

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