'Ride with the 40' honors Flight 93


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The motorcycle ride ended officially on Friday afternoon at SFO, but the motorcyclists and their families were invited Atmosphere Bar and Lounge in San Francisco to continue their fundraising.

The bar had a 9/11 motorcycle night fundraiser already planned and invited the motorcyclists of flight 93 when they were already on their way to San Francisco

The motorcycles cruised in to San Francisco International Airport at precisely 11:14 a.m. The same time that flight 93 and its 40 passengers and crew would have arrived on September 11, 2001.

"They definitely were riding with us as we completed their journey," said Ken Nacke.

Nacke's brother Louis "Joey" Nacke was on flight 93 for what was supposed to be a one-day business trip to San Francisco.

Everyone aboard was killed when a group of passengers and crew tried to take back control from hijackers and the plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Ken organized the ride to help keep the memory of flight 93 alive and to raise money for a memorial in Shanksville.

"The memorial design is chosen, land acquisition is well on its way, but we need to raise $30 million so I thought how can I ask someone else to give money unless I'm, willing to do the same thing?" said Nacke.

Erich bay's wife Lorraine was a flight attendant on flight 93.

"She was a loving wife to me for 23 years, always had a hug for me when I came home and I miss those hugs," said Bay.

Marin resident Jack Grancolas' wife Lauren was on her way home on flight 93. He met riders as they arrived at the airport.

He feels the Shanksville memorial is important for the nation as well as the victims' families.

"For us, it's their final resting place and just like anyone you want to have a memorial there, but the bigger picture is it is historic, it's the first victory against terrorism if you will," said Grancolas.

Along with family and friends, complete strangers also hit the road like Hank Kinzey from Detroit. He said he's proud the honor the heroes on flight 93.

"We all know there were many thousands of heroes in New York and at the Pentagon but those heroes were on the ground," said Kinzey.

Firefighters are supporting the fundraisers and about 800 motorcycles are expected to participate. The Flight 93 ride has so far raised $73,000 – far short from the $250,000 they are aiming for.

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