Recession-proof fashion: shop your closet!

Tips for shopping your closet:

  • It's all about shopping your closet right now, because we all don't want to spend a ton of money on new clothes.

  • You want to get into your closet and weed out those pieces that you really aren't wearing and probably are never going to wear

    >> The first and easiest section of your closet should be your grab and go basics; that can be a great pair of dark jeans, a basic black pant or a great classic black pencil skirt. So for tops your "grab and go" basics would be any solid t-shirts or tank-tops or simple tops that you can layer jewelry over. These are items that you can build your entire wardrobe around.

    >> Novelty items. These are items like printed tops-- anything that has any kind of special embellishment, something that will add the punch in the personality to your look.

    >> Accessories. This includes your shoes, your bags, your scarves, belts, etc. These are items that you have in your closet that are separate from your jewelry, that can add dimension, and levels and layers to your favorite new outfit.

  • Create a section of your closet called "The archives." Now the archives are where you put all those pieces that you're wearing way too often. Get them out of your closet so that you are forced to re-visit all those pieces that you haven't worn in a while.

  • Get dressed from the bottom up. So once you have your bottom is established, you want to play with your tops. This is where you can add a lot of punch personality and really get your wardrobe to be a little bit more exciting.

  • Color has so much energy; during a recession we all want to be happy and look fresh. Putting color around your face is a wonderful way to do that.

  • So with dark jeans for example, a great tip is to turn them inside out, and give them a cold wash. Recommended product: Clorox 2.

  • Big oversized jewelry is really key right now, shots of color on basic wardrobe is really fantastic, scarves are one of the easiest things you can wear to add interest of level in dimension; and a great purse can really take you to the next level.
About Sam Saboura: For more than a dozen years, Sam has applied his style skills to virtually every aspect of the entertainment industry. He has worked as a personal shopper and stylist for clients that range from A-list Hollywood celebrities to the woman next door, and his more recent work includes wardrobe styling for print ads, television commercials, and TV shows. Sam can be seen around the world as the on-camera style expert for popular network and cable shows and major red-carpet events.

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