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All it takes is a little sanding and painting to build some very inexpensive self-watering containers. For many of these students growing vegetables is a first time affair. Lincoln High in San Francisco started the Green Academy. Besides learning the core subjects in high school, for the next three years they will also develop the necessary skills to begin a green carrier.

"I'm learning how to do this. I'm learning how to choose good food to eat like the organic stuff and I learned how to help the environment," says student Paul Pascual.

At the same time, they will educate others.

"Is it wind power? Is it solar power? Is it about where our fruits and vegetables come from," says teacher Valerie Ziegler.

Ziegler is one of six teachers who are part of the new academy.

Like any good scientist, these students want to document their work. Ziegler is trying to purchase digital cameras for the academy.

"We'd also like for them to use it for their resumes. Here is a portfolio of their work, if they are applying for jobs, or college, we would also like to be able to put it up on the school website to really educate the community about the work they are doing," says Ziegler.

The cost of the project is nearly $2,200. She's counting on -- a website where teachers can go online to post their projects. The hope is that these projects will eventually get funded by donors like you.

These green ambassadors say they're excited about showing others their work.

"The earth is getting polluted and stuff and I think people should be more green to help the earth and the next generation," says student Nesta Yip.

LINK: Valerie Ziegler's project "Saving the Earth and Getting Jobs"
Donor's Choose website

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