Grow your own tea garden

Tips for growing herbs for tea:

  • Keep herbs growing just outside your kitchen door so you can make tea anytime you want it. Mint, lemon balm, and lemongrass are all easy-to-grow, versatile options.

  • Harvest herbs in the morning, after dew has dried.

  • Use herbs fresh, or dry and store them for later.

  • To make tea, you'll need less of stronger-flavored herbs like lavender, mint, and basil. (And dried herbs are stronger than fresh.) But the basic method is the same for all.

  • If using lemongrass, use the stems not the leaves, and crush or chop finely.

  • For sun tea: Simply clip a cup or two of your favorite herb, and add to a two-quart glass jar filled with water. Let sit in the sun for a few hours to steep; the longer it sits, the stronger the flavor will be. Add honey/sugar if desired and serve over ice.
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About Julie Chai, Associate Garden Editor
Julie Chai is the associate garden editor and test garden manager for Sunset magazine. She writes regularly about growing edibles, small-space gardening, outdoor decorating, and low maintenance landscapes. An avid do-it-yourselfer, she loves helping new gardeners get started.
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