Investigators dig for clues at Garrido home


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Thursday, two separate cadaver dogs alerted investigators to an area on Garrido's backyard. High-tech equipment brought in on Friday also sensed an unusual spot in the same area.

Earlier on Friday, a front loader destroyed a red shed on the property next to Garrido's, all part of the continued effort to see what if anything is underground. Once the shed was gone, a team of technicians moved in with masks and gloves to collect and bag anything that could be potential evidence.

"The things that are going into the dumpsters are things that we are confident would not be related to our cases or would not jeopardize any other cases that might come up," said Lt. Christine Orrey with the Hayward Police Department. "We're doing a lot of photo documentation. We have over three gigs of photos already, of everything that we've removed from the property."

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Police did not start digging up an area of the Garridos' yard where two separate cadaver dogs alerted for human remains Thursday. The area will first be examined with ground penetrating radar and a metal detector, then more dogs will be brought in on Monday.

"We're going to have the cadaver dogs, or human remain dogs, and then what is called 'bone dogs' which are more archaeological dogs, so they sniff older bones so to speak," said J.D. Nelson with the Alameda County Sheriffs Department.

Meantime, investigators have begun combing through the volumes of belongings inside the Garridos' main house. As shown in pictures taken by Contra Costa building inspectors, the interior is densely cluttered with clothing and belongings piled high. But police are wading through the sea of debris for anything that could be related to missing Bay Area girls /*Michaela Garecht*/ and /*Ilene Mishelhoff*/.

"Certainly these types of people quite frequently keep mementos and by the appearance of this residence, this yard, Mr. Garrido didn't throw too much away, not beyond his yard anyway," said Kurt Von Sovey with Dublin Police Department.

Police say they have asked /*Jaycee Dugard*/ questions through an intermediary regarding the Garecht and Mishelhoff cases and she has told them she knows nothing about any prior missing girl cases.

Investigators have yet to interview /*Phillip and Nancy Garrido*/ directly about any prior cases.

A benefit concert for Dugard will take place in South Lake Tahoe this weekend. Local bands from Tahoe will donate the proceeds to a recovery fund set up to help Dugard and her two children fathered by Garrido.



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