Fall planting tips


Avoid planting invasive or non-regional plants

  • Across California, they damage wildlands and wildlife.

  • They increase wildfire, flood danger and consume valuable water

  • The predators that would normally limit their growth in their home environment may not be present. This allows spread and take over natural habitats.

  • Some have seeds that are spread by the wind and can be blown up to two miles away.
Plant native or regional plants
  • They help the natural habitat and protect the natural resources.

  • They do not require a lot of preparation.

  • You can plant them in existing soil. If the soil is hard, simply water. There is no need to amend it.

  • They do not require fertilizer.

  • Weed before you plant, and continue to do it periodically. However do not use tools. And, never use chemicals.

  • Avoid tilling the soil.

  • Avoid overwatering. They will be taken care of by their natural surroundings and flourish appropriately.
Take the opportunity to educate you and your children on how to protect California's natural resources. Make it a family project.

Suggested North California Regional Plants:

  • California Lylac

  • Manzanita

  • California Iris
    >> Douglasiana / Douglas Iris
    >> Fernaldii / Fernalds Iris
    >> Hartwegii/ Sierra Iris
Cultivating family green thumbs and how you can give back:
Partnering with the National Gardening Association and Hansen's Natural Soda, Kim Howarth is educating local residents on how easy, fun and rewarding it is to plant their own native gardens this fall. Kim is also spreading the word about the Hansens Loves San Francisco campaign, celebrating the natural beauty of the Bay Area with a dedication to raising over $10,000 for local Bay Area school gardening programs this September and October.

Local schools and residents can participate in the "Hansen's Loves San Francisco" campaign, which is helping to raise money for local Bay Area school gardens with Hansens Natural and Native School Garden Grants.

$5,000 is also up for grabs for the photo that best captures the natural beauty of San Francisco through Hansen's photo competition - for each vote made online, Hansen's is donating 10 cents to local school garden programs!

Learn more: www.hansenslovessf.com

About Kim Howarth:
A regional reporter and gardening professional for over 25 years, California native Kim Haworth has a passion for planting and educating others on the joys of gardening. Kim has helped cultivate the renowned gardens of Sunset Magazine, writes a weekly garden column, answers horticultural questions on her Virtual Garden website, and hosts a biweekly, on-line garden chat at HGTV.com. Kim frequently gives seminars at garden events across the country, including the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show and the Philadelphia Flower Show. In addition to writing for National Gardening Association, appearing on HGTV and the DIY Network, Kim is currently the producer for KRON TV's popular Henry's Garden.

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