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Bethesda Sunscreen Soap

This soap is a multi vitamin bar that actually has sunscreen in it and provides you with a SPF of 10. As you was your body it is coated with an invisible layer of protection, all the while with no artificial fragrances, coloring, fillers or binders. While containing 50 vitamins and minerals, this soap is not greasy or oily.

Bethesda Sunscreen Soap contains a combination of healing and therapeutic properties that moisturizes as it protects the body from the harmful rays of the sun. Talk about getting it all done in the shower!

Bethesda Sunscreen Soap is NOT a substitute for standard sunscreen products. It is intended for "everyday" use and should not be relied on as the primary source of protection from the sun. Bethesda Sunscreen Soap should be used in conjunction with your regular sunscreen product prior to exposure to the sun.

Bethesda Sunscreen Soap retails for $8.

Intimate Apparel Solutions

Suzanne's Discreet Chic Accessories

The Fem Tote is a stylish case that has secured and sanitary compartments specifically for holding various sized tampons, pads, panty liners pre packaged hygiene wipes and even additional undergarments for unexpected emergency.$30.00 to $110.00.

Suzanne's The Fem Tote retails for about $30.-110.

Smart Broad

Bra Smart (Same as Smart Broad). The smart way to keep your bras looking like new. Designed to keep bras in their original shape while they are drying. Bra smart features molded cups to allow air flow enabling bras to dry quickly. Bra smart is the fun cool new way to care for your delicates.

Smart Broad retails for $15.

Sani Feet

Airport Sani Feet creates an impermeable barrier to guard against contact with bacteria, fungi, viruses, filth, parasites. Sani Feet is a disposable foot cover, the sanitary way to get through Security at the airport.

Sani Feet retails for $5.


FRESHhanger turns your existing hangers into highly effective odor absorbing hangers! Using special space tested material, FRESHhanger is a clothes deodorizer that will keep your clothes fresher, prolong the life of your clothes, and save time, money and the environment by reducing the number of times they need to be washed.

FRESHhanger retails for $15-50

Bosom Button

The Bosom Button™ was created by a woman who experienced the same wardrobe problem as many of you. One morning while trying to properly "hide" a safety pin in order to keep a wrap dress closed a lightbulb went off in her head! Why not create a pin that is not meant to be hidden, is easy to use and adds style to your clothes? And so Bosom Button™ was born!

Bosom Buttons™ are handmade with care. We use real Swarovski crystals so you get maximum sparkle and style.

To wear simply pierce through clothing and fasten clasp. Bosom Button retails for $12-25.

UbU Jackets

This jacket repels water and attracts attention!

Turn heads in UbU's chic swing jacket. It's modern retro look and fit is the perfect choice for every woman's form!

UbU Jacket retails for $175

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