5 steps to looking good naturally

Five easy steps to look good and natural with mineral makeup from Diane Ranger.

  1. Start with a primer and apply all over face. Primer fills in lines and adds texture to the face while keeping makeup on longer.

  2. Apply clean powder sun block, SPF 30, all over face. You can reapply throughout the day for maximum coverage.

  3. Add foundation to even skin tone and highlight face.

  4. Apply spritzer to face for a fresh look.

  5. Now you can apply eye makeup and blush.
About Diane Ranger:
A 30-year veteran in the cosmetics industry, as a specialist in cosmetic chemistry research and development, Diane Ranger single-handedly created the mineral makeup concept. At the time of origination, it was a radical break from traditional makeup, because, for the first time, women learned about the benefits of healthy makeup, derived naturally from the Earth.With a Master's degree from the University of Houston, Ranger entered the cosmetics world with her first brainchild, Bare Escentuals, which she founded in 1976. As president, she spearheaded the growth of the specialty body care business. Stores expanded nationally and turned the retail spa industry on its ear. After almost 15 years, Ranger walked away from Bare Escentuals (after one too many rounds of venture capitalists) to concentrate on her passion for mineral makeup product development. And after a decade devoted to helping other lines bring mineral makeup to the consumer, she decided to revisit her first love: her original loose mineral concept. In 2000, Colorescience Pro was born, a new array of cutting-edge mineral and crystal-based formulas rated up to SPF 30. Innovative packaging, fun product names and exclusive marketing are trademarks of the line. Additionally, Colorescience Pro is the most tested and most researched mineral makeup on the market.Ranger explains that she relied on three qualities in her journey through the different phases of her business experience: vision, drive and tenacity. "I learned early on that if I could think it, I could do it."A native Texan, Diane Ranger currently lives in Dana Point, California with her husband Chet and dog Blossom. Colorescience Pro is available at fine day spas, resorts, dermatologist and plastic surgeon offices and makeup artists' studios. Portions of product sales regularly go to benefit the Skin Cancer Research Foundation.

About Colorscience Pro:
Colorescience Pro owns the bragging rights of having innovator and founder Diane Ranger at the helm. Ranger singlehandedly created the mineral makeup concept in 1976 with her first brainchild Bare Escentuals. Three decades later, her dedication to the authenticity of mineral makeup and its future is unparalleled. While mass market brands might add a few minerals to their traditional recipes, Colorescience Pro is steadfast and stringent in its formulations and consumer education. Ranger's products fuse all of the beauty and fun of makeup with the benefits and efficacy of skincare and suncare.

Colorescience Pro is not just the industry standard; it created the standards to which all other lines must adhere to even set foot in the mineral makeup category. By definition, there are specific ingredients that must not be included in the formulations of true mineral makeup -- Ranger affectionately terms them "the Seven Deadly Skins." In addition, Colorescience Pro is credited with being the first to create a brush-on, clear, powder sunscreen - the one and only Sunforgettable - which took the beauty media by storm in 2005. Sunforgettable soon became the cornerstone in the company's larger campaign against skin cancer.

Colorescience Pro is available at fine day spas, resorts, dermatologist and plastic surgeon offices and makeup artists' studios. For more information visit: http://www.colorescience.com.

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