Hotel decor inspiration for your own home

Hotel Decor Inspiration

Palette: Warm tones make a space feel warm and larger, often people think the opposite. Don't be afraid of color, it will set the tone...vibrant, soft, warm, etc.

Paint: Do not be afraid to paint your ceiling! We usually paint the walls and take a toned down version of that color and paint the ceiling. Accent walls also work well in a residential space. Move paint discussion to meld with color item.

Creative flooring options: There are flooring options, like porcelain, that actually look like wood. It is extremely durable and requires little maintenance (easy to clean).

Define Spaces (seating areas): Area rugs are a great way to define spaces, specifically seating areas.

Furniture placement: Do not anchor furniture against the wall, instead bring the furniture into the space.

Investment pieces (like sofas): Investment pieces like a sofa should be a solid tone so you can update the room with decorative pillows, curtains, or a bold area rug.

Durable fabrics: Look for fabrics that can be cleaned easily and are long-lasting. Ultra suede is comfortable, durable, and affordable.

Window Treatments: You can soften hard walls or windows with window treatments like a soft sheer. It also helps with acoustics in large spaces.

Distinctive Lighting: Try to obtain "that sparkle" by placing lighting over an island, dining room table, or create soft lighting by placing lighting under cabinetry.

Visualize your layout (block design): Before you commit to a layout make sure it works! There are online, free tools through retailers that can help you do this.

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