3 killed in side show crash in Oakland


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Zinnia Tevaseu was just one of the victims of the sideshow which ended in tragedy.

"When I looked out here, they had a body here, bodies down there, and a poor girl right here. I've been seeing bodies all morning. Bodies. Dead kids," one witness woman told ABC7.

Tevaseu and four others were in a Nissan when police say it collided with several parked cars and a man who was walking on the sidewalk. Three of the occupants, including the driver, died from their injuries. Two others were taken to area hospitals.

On Saturday afternoon, investigators were still working at the scene as family members arrived with visible grief and a need to make sense of why it all happened.

"Nobody's going to listen to the message until they're in this position… Zinnia, she was 18-years-old, just had a baby. The baby's a-year-and-a-half-old. Just getting her life back on track, getting back into school, going to work, trying to get it together you know? Trying to be the best mom she could be. And, now that was taken away," said Tevaseu's sister Shantell. "My niece has no mother. One-and-a-half-years-old, has no mother for the rest of her life to do anything, to be there when she gets older, to be there when she gets married, to be there when she graduates."

During side shows, drivers engage in high-speed stunts. Residents are extremely frustrated.

"The police got to put a better hold on these side shows. Every week, if you notice, every weekend, somebody's child is dying at a sideshow. Every weekend," one woman said. "I've been keeping checking. Bancroft, here… They need to do something."

Acting Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan spoke out Saturday.

"At the beginning of the year we reconfigured our staffing where we have 60 percent of our officers available, patrol staff working weekends. They were out there last night. I'm not sure whether they were in the area or not, but typically, we have been fairly successful at managing the side show this year," he said.

The pedestrian involved in the accident was taken to Highland Hospital. He had multiple broken bones but was listed in stable condition and is expected to survive his injuries. Police say the incident is still under investigation.

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