How you can save San Francisco Bay

About the Documentary: Narrated by Robert Redford, Saving the Bay is a lively and timely public television series about one of America's greatest natural resources - San Francisco Bay - and how a community rallied to save this once endangered body of water. The series consists of four one-hour episodes focusing on the geological, cultural and developmental history of San Francisco Bay and the larger northern California watershed from the Sierra Nevada mountains to the Farallon Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Conceived as more than purely a public television series, Saving the Bay is a huge public education endeavor designed to raise awareness of San Francisco Bay - it's evolution, how we almost lost and then saved the Bay, and how we are planning the future of the Bay including wetland restoration, increased public access and balancing the often competing needs of a fragile ecosystem which is the centerpiece of a major urban area home to over 7 million people.

Saving the Bay is airing on KTEH (Channel 10 in much of the Bay Area) four successive Thursday evenings from 9-10pm October 22 to November 12.

DVD and Blu-ray sets of Saving the Bay are available at or (800)506-3002.

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