Decorate your tabletop with festive pumpkins

Katie's Tips:

-For a modern fall display, use non traditional pumpkins, flowers, fruits, nuts etc.

-Add height using a cake stand or similar object (raid your kitchen). This works for arrangements on the mantel or in the foyer. For centerpieces, keep everything low.<

-Use a mix of shapes and sizes. If everything is too much the same, it will just look a big pile.

-Push the outer edges of the color palette so you show variety in every arrangement.

-Use pumpkins as well as gourds. You can usually find both at a pumpkin patch. All of Sunset's pumpkins are from Farmer John's in Half Moon Bay.

Reds and orange arrangement:

-Use red-orange pumpkins with glory lilies, pomegranates, red winter berries, and ¯ most surprisingly ¯ golden and cherry tomatoes.

Neutral arrangement:

The sculptural quality of white pumpkins really pops against wood paneling. White anemones and an assortment of seedpods, leaves, and acorns in a medley of browns complement them here. Try propping some pumpkins vertically for added height and texture.

Yellow and gold arrangement:

Use striped yellow pumpkins lend a lighthearted twist to the traditional fall palette. Combine them with yellow Iceland poppies, kumquats, and grapefruits in a sunlit space; leave citrus leaves and twisted pumpkin stems intact for a just-picked feel.

Mixed green arrangement:

Use miniature striped green-and-yellow pumpkins with a trio of copper vases along with a casual arrangement of red, orange, and yellow flowers. It's all about fall color ¯ without a maple leaf or corncob in sight.

Garden harvest arrangement:

A weathered wood farm table provides the perfect backdrop for this grouping. Some tips:

-Add height A terra-cotta bowl forms the base, elevating a mound of persimmons above the rest of the arrangement.

-Contrast shapes Persimmon leaves and branches jut out at various angles, breaking up the roundness of the fruit. Contrast color Creamy acorn squash provides the finishing touch.

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