One dress, seven looks!

How to wear the dress seven ways:

  1. Wear sheath with a statement necklace,evening bag, and shawl
  2. Put a light weight tee or turtle neck under the sheath and wear opaque hose
  3. Add a jacket over sheath with a large handbag and a belt
  4. Wear a trenchcoat over the sheath and wear boots
  5. Put a cardigan over the sheath with a belt and use 2 broaches as cardigan clasps, pair with flats
  6. Add a denim jacket over the sheath, with leggings and add a scarf
  7. Wear a V-necked sweater over sheath dress with skinny jeans and ankle boots
Other items you can add:
  • Pashmina
  • A hoody knit under or over the sheath
  • Leather or suede jackets or coats
  • Scarves are the easiest ways to add color or texture
  • A thin Tee underneath
  • A thin belt
  • A corset style belt
  • A chunky necklace or a classic pair of pearls
You can find a sheath dress at department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue.

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