Police searching for murdered mom's baby


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Police searched for about 12 hours Saturday hoping to find some sign of the little boy. Every second counts when a young life is at stake. Dive teams, search and rescue, Berkeley police and Alameda County sheriff's deputies are scouring every inch of the park for Jashon.

"With a missing person at risk, of physical risk, a 17-month-old obviously can't take care of themselves," said Lt. Andrew Greenwood with the Berkeley Police Department, "Time is completely of the essence."

The search started before sun rise, only after detectives got a call from Zoelina William's family. She was found murdered in the southern most part of Aquatic Park Friday morning. A few hours later, police arrested Curtis Martin III. It is believed Jashon was with his mother when she was killed.

"The longer it goes on and we're still searching, and it's been over 24 hours, the less likely that we're going to find him alive," said Officer Jeff Thomason with the Oakland Polcie Department. "We have searched the suspect's house. We have searched the mother's house. During those searches throughout the night, and still has not turned up the baby.

That is why the focus was once again at Aquatic Park.

"We know there's a baby that's missing and we know the mother was here," said Dive Team Chief Dave McMurdie. "And, it's most likely in this body of water or that body of water."

Dive teams searched both the lagoon and estuary for hours. Visibility was very poor. There was no sign of the baby. Later, search and rescue launched a boat to check the shoreline while others walked the waters perimeter. They are looking for signs, clues, anything that will lead them to Jashon.

According to the Oakland Tribune, the suspect has a violent history. He was convicted 15 years ago for killing his girlfriend's 3-year-old son.

In the meantime, police say they will not go back the park to search unless they have reason to.

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