Get your clutter makeover

  • It may be a cliché, but if you haven't used something in a year, lose it.
  • If you're debating whether or not to keep something, save yourself the energy and say good bye.
  • If you're thinking about selling it you probably won't, so let it go.
The right pieces will make a big difference:
  • A low back sofa is great for a small space. It will make the room look larger.
  • If you have got pets or you've got kids, go with a sofa that has a removable cover.
  • Invest in very durable finishes for your furniture. Leather is a sturdy option.
  • Look for storage that has small compartments for the little things like jewelry, nick-nacks and such
  • If you have clutter issues think about closed door storage.
Small touches that make a house a home:
  • Integrate conversational pieces into your living room such as collectables.
  • For intimacy in a room add fluffy pillows, big warm blankets, candles and flowers on the table.
  • Lighting, like paint, is a great way to freshen a room without a whole lot of change.
  • Consider pops of color vs. painting an entire wall.
  • Empty space is your friend. Do not feel like you need to fill or decorate every corner.
Less is more when it comes to decorating your wall:
  • On one wall consider using a signature as the focal point with no other artwork to distract from it. A personal piece of artwork, such as a picture, may work best.
  • Get rid of heavy of a frames, and those that have multiple mats.
  • Transform your artwork by placing them in clean white frames with white mats.
  • Large pieces of art should stand alone, while smaller artwork can be grouped together.
  • Be careful not to over-accessorize your coffee table.
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