The "Little Black Dress" workout

We women have certain areas that need to look "extra" good for those form fitting, arm-showing styles! Here are some moves that will tone and firm your abs, hips and thighs, shoulders, chest and arms so you'll look fabulous in your frock!

  1. The Curtsy:
    Yes, just like if you were bowing to the queen.... but harder. Take your left leg and swing in back of your right, and place it at a 45-degree angle, bend both knees until your back knee is almost touching the ground in a deep curtsy. You should feel the effect in your right outer thigh. Stand and take a giant step to your left, swinging your right leg to the back of your left and do a deep curtsy. Repeat to each side 10 times.

  2. Plank Shoulder Touch:
    This works your entire upper body and your core and is a little gentler than standard push ups. Assume a push up or modified push up position, with your hands even with your shoulders. Keeping your core tight, belly button to the spine, pick up your right hand and touch your left shoulder. Put it back and touch your right shoulder with your left hand. This should be done in a controlled manner to a count of 2 up and 2 down. Repeat side to side 10 times.

  3. Tricep Press Backs:
    Lean over, keeping your knees slightly bent and your back straight. Keeping your arms perfectly straight and next to your sides. With your palms toward the ceiling, press your hands up and back and hold to the count of 3. Lower to the count of 2. To make it even more challenging, hold a can of vegetables in each hand to add weight.

  4. Reverse Sit ups:
    One of the best exercises for the lower abdominal area. Lie on the ground with your hands at your sides, palms pressing into the floor. Bend your knees and bring them to your chest, keeping your feet right next to your bum. Using your lower abs, bring your hips off the ground and knees up towards your chest. DO NOT SWING YOUR FEET! Keep those tootsies glued to your butt! Start with 10 reps and as your get stronger, add repetitions.

  5. Walking lunges with arm twists:
    This works your overall leg area, helps to improve your balance and whittles your waist at the same time! Place your hands in a praying position. Now straighten your arms in front of you so they're parallel with the ground. Step forward with your right leg, using a "groucho marx" step. Back knee should almost touch the ground while the front bent knee should right over your ankle. Any further and you'll put too much pressure on your knee. At the same time, twist your arms and upper body towards the right side. You should end up in a lunge position with your straight arms pointing to the right. Bring your left leg forward, center your arms and repeat with the other leg, upper body facing the left side. Repeat on both sides for 10-12 steps. Remember to keep your shoulders relaxed, core tight and PLEASE don't forget to breathe. It keeps the oxygen flowing to the muscles and enables you to workout longer.
About Rona Lewis:
Rona Lewis is a celebrity fitness trainer and healthy gourmet cook who believes anyone can laugh and cook healthfully at the same time. Her biting sense of humor makes "Does this Cookbook Make Me Look Fat?" uniquely entertaining, while imparting interesting and pertinent information about food not usually seen in a basic cookbook. Included in this low fat/low carb cookbook are nutritional breakdowns of the recipes and explanations of what these vitamin and minerals actually DO for the body. Rona regales us with fun food facts and helpful tips as well as hysterical quotes about food from some surprising sources.

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