2 pit bulls shot after poodle mix mauling


Capt. John Chalmers said a woman was taking her poodle mix for a walk in the 2500 block of Hazelwood Way at about 6:45 p.m. when the two pit bulls attacked her dog.

"The dogs suddenly attacked the dog she was walking, tore the leash off and picked the dog up with their jaws and ran off with it," he said.

When officers arrived, the pit bulls were still mauling the poodle mix, which was killed, in a grassy alleyway between two homes, Chalmers said. The smaller of the two pit bulls charged at the two responding officers and one of the officers fired three rounds at the dog.

The larger of the two pit bulls then charged at the officers and the same officer fired five rounds, killing the dog. Chalmers said the smaller of the pit bulls was picked up by animal control officers and didn't know whether that dog survived.

Police have responded to the neighborhood on multiple occasions due to the pit bulls, which have attacked and killed other dogs, Chalmers said.

The dogs' owners were not at their home and police will attempt to contact them again Thursday, Chalmers said.

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