1 injured, 1 dead in Oakland officer-involved shooting


It happened in an apartment complex on 64th Avenue between Foothill and Bancroft -- a notoriously dangerous area.

Some people who live in the area told ABC7 there have been shootings there before. Many of them stood for hours on the sidewalk fretting about the safety of their neighborhood and others stood out there wondering if they knew anyone involved.

Police were hard at work investigating the crime scene for well over six hours after the shooting.

Oakland police say the two men they shot at 64th and Bancroft were armed with guns, but they haven't said whether the men fired at police.

"This is our sixth officer involved shooting for the year. All of our officer involved shootings have been with people with weapons this year. It shows you that Oakland police officers are stopping dangerous people out there with weapons," said Oakland Officer Jeff Thomason.

Investigators showed up at the scene when they got a call that armed suspects were in the parking garage. Officers believe the men were involved in a rolling shootout earlier that also involved a crash. They aren't releasing much more about that incident and they are guarding the details about this shooting pretty closely, too.

"It's beginning of an investigation and we don't want to taint any witnesses that are out there. This is still an ongoing investigation and we want to keep it as pure as possible," said Thomason.

But their slow, secret work inside the crime tape has people on the outside feeling anxious and worried.

"I know that my brother hangs out in this area, so we got a bunch of calls, they were ringing everybody's phones saying that something happened to my brother," said Erica Jones from Oakland.

Family members from as far away as Pittsburg came out here to check on their loved one. Police have told them he that woman's brother is OK and that he was in the back of the police car so they could question him. Still, it was going to take more to satisfy the nervous group of neighbors.

"We want to see his face to make sure that he's OK. So by us not seeing his face, we don't feel no relief," said Jones.

It was an emotional night in the neighborhood.

Police didn't say much about the men, just that they were young men. The one man that was taken to the hospital is in stable condition.

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